Submitted by: Lady Byrd
6 Vital Things to Pray Over Your Kids 
Karen Jensen
In today's world, all we have to do to be worried or afraid for our kids is wake up every morning! There is fear and doubt all around us.
Anyone can look at the condition of society or at the behavior of their children and be fearful. But God calls us and our kids to be salt and light in the earth (Matt. 5:13-14). We do not have the spirit of fear (2 Tim. 1:7).

So, how do we keep our kids surrounded with faith every day when things don’t look so good? By saying what God says. By speaking His Word's of faith over them. If we go by what we see, it’s easy to be afraid. But faith believes something it can’t see yet—it goes by the promises of God!
In Romans 4:17, the Bible says that God calls those things which be not as though they were. I believe you and I can do that too—there is power in our words!
Think about it: What “be nots” exist in your child’s life today? Do they “be not” obedient? Do they “be not” doing well in school or staying on track with God? If so, let’s start calling those things as though they are, releasing our faith words over them as God has instructed us.
Speak the Word