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THE ROLLS REPORT 08/15'/2013

 1. Video: 1/3 Of US Air Force Grounded: ‘Sequester’ N. Korean Nuclear False Flag On The Horizon?


2. America’s Locust Years


Ron Paul’s “Audit the Fed” Alive in Congress – Take Action!
Though Rep. Ron Paul has retired from the House, his most famous legislative effort has been preserved word-for-word! That’s right; Ron Paul’s hallmark legislation pushing for an open and accountable Federal Reserve is alive and well in Congress right now…

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U.S. Constitution, Original Intent
A friend of mine has been battling with folks that claim the Constitution is a living breathing document that changes with the whims of Congress and the courts. One of the people combating my friend uses case law to define the constitution, and sees the original writings as nothing more than guidelines.

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Bono embraces capitalism as a way to lift the world out of poverty
Ireland’s Bono, the international superstar of music and philanthropy, has always used his status to bring attention to world poverty and illness. He played a key role in bringing international relief to Africa as it struggled with the AIDS epidemic; it is said he is responsible for saving millions of lives through his efforts.

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Hey Conservatives --
We're building our grassroots campaign this summer. Will you join us?
Upcoming events:
  • Las Vegas Precinct Captain Training - August 17 at 9 am (campaign HQ)
  • Las Vegas Voter Registration Walk - August 17 at 10 am (campaign HQ)
  • Reno Precinct Captain Training - September 14 at 1 pm (Washoe County GOP HQ, 3652 South Virginia St., Suite C8, Reno, NV 89502)
This is your chance to help lead Nevada's comeback.
Thank you,
Jeremy Hughes
Campaign Manager
P.S. Can't make it this Saturday? See upcoming volunteer opportunities here.

LIFE NEWS 08/15/2013

Planned Parenthood Abortion Businesses Get $655K More in Obamacare Funds
Three more local affiliates of the Planned Parenthood abortion business are getting hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer funding from the federal government to promote Obamacare.
The new grants the HHS department announced today follow one from the Washington, D.C. Obamacare exchange earlier this week.
Late-Term Abortions Become Fashionable? Vogue Does Huge Profile of Wendy Davis
Her only claim to fame is standing in the way of Texas’ efforts to ban late-term abortions of babies at the point of viability, but Wendy Davis’ infamy is enough for fashion magazine Vogue to do a full spread on the Texas lawmaker.
The Vogue story is replete with effusive praise for the abortion activist who has become the face of the pro-abortion movement nationally.


MUST LISTEN! Levin: ‘Entrenched’ Republican ‘Losers’ May Cost GOP the House in 2014
Aug 14, 2013 04:37 pm 


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 Bienvenido A La Nueva América: Thanks to the Illegal Invasion A spot on analogy of America's immigration horrors: the illegals are invading our homeland with help from wrong-headed progressives. ... READ MORE

The Sinister Undertone of Clowngate The incident involving the rodeo clown and Obama has much more sinister undertones, if you know what to look for... ... READ MORE   



Check out the blog post '(IBD) China Tests A New ICBM As Obama Guts U.S. Missile Defenses'
Leaving the US as sitting ducks!

Blog post added by Daniel John Sobieski:

Defense: Beijing tests a mobile missile capable of hitting the continental U.S. and prepares to deploy ballistic missile submarines that ca...

Blog post link:
(IBD) China Tests A New ICBM As Obama Guts U.S. Missile Defenses


Featured - Thursday, August 15, 2013

CHUCK KOLB 08/15/2013

OB - SOB signs Executive Order that will SKYROCKET food and fuel !!!

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Atlantic Basin Primed for an Above-Normal Hurricane Season

Changing Climate May Have Driven Collapse of Civilizations in Late Bronze Age

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High Tech Dictator (15:42) The Manning Report
Dr. James David Manning explains how Barack Hussein (Long Legged Mack Daddy)
Obama is a high tech dictator. Recorded 12 August 2013.


Submitted by: Debbie Beatty

Federal Appeals Court: Obama Administration Is Violating Federal Law

A federal appeals court ruled on Tuesday that the Obama administration has continuously violated federal law by delaying a law enacted by Congress “without any legal basis.” At the center of controversy is the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s move to delay a proposed nuclear waste dump in Nevada.
The Associated Press reports:
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia voted 2-1 in favor of ordering the commission to complete the licensing process and approve or reject the Energy Department’s application for a never-completed waste storage site at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain.

In a sharply worded opinion, the court said the nuclear agency was “simply flouting the law” when it allowed the Obama administration to continue plans to close the proposed waste site 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas. The action goes against a federal law designating Yucca Mountain as the nation’s nuclear waste repository.

“The president may not decline to follow a statutory mandate or prohibition simply because of policy objections,” Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh wrote in a majority opinion, which was joined Judge A. Raymond Randolph. Chief Judge Merrick B. Garland dissented.


Submitted by: Sandra



Dear Conservatives,

As I write you today, President Obama is working to pack the courts with those who share his radical views

Among these are his three recent nominations to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals: Patricia Millett, Robert Wilkins, and the most radical of the bunch, Cornelia Pillard.

In fact, out of Obama's many judicial nominees, Cornelia Pillard might set a new standard of extremism.

Now, the Senate is prepared to "fast track" their confirmation hearings.

Harry Reid and his pro-abortion leaders in the Senate hope to sneak them in under the cloak of darkness before anyone can learn just how radical they really are.

That's why I hope you will click below to add your name to the list to authorize my staff at NPLA to send your emergency fax petition to your two Senators today along with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell urging them to stop Mr. Obama's judge packing scheme at once.


Check out the discussion 'Big Egypt Media: Brotherhood Snipers Killing their Own'
Why is CNN and other western media reporting in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood? Americans what do you think?

Discussion posted by Bill Bissell, Admin II:

Reprinted with full permission of Shoebat Foundation Egypt’s security forces pledged to crack down on pro-Muslim Brotherhood / Mohammed Mur...

Discussion link:
Big Egypt Media: Brotherhood Snipers Killing their Own


Submitted by: Debbie Beatty

Hillary Clinton: More deserving of occupying a stockade in Leavenworth than she is of holding political office

It never seems to fail in politics. No matter what sort of unethical political or personal misdeeds a politician might have sought to get away with in years gone by, regardless of how deep they may believe they’ve “buried the bodies”, you can practically wager that those allegorical “bodies” will eventually erupt up out of the ground later in dramatic Poltergeist fashion at the height of advancing political ambitions & during the least opportune of moments to cast their grievous shadow upon said political aspirations. Although in the case of Hillary Rodham Clinton, any politicizing intimations alluding to”buried bodies” transcends mere allegory when taken in context with one of the former Secretary of State’s more recent & notorious political transgressions. An offense that’s immediately recognized for its conjured notoriety in just one word: Benghazi. Continue reading

BEFORE ITS NEWS 08/15/2013

Cairo Massacre: Egyptian Military Surveillance Video - Protesters Clash in Cairo

Cairo Massacre: Egyptian Military Surveillance Video - Protesters Clash in Cairo CURATOR: John Rolls. Twitter Photo Police van pushed off Cairo bridge near Nasr City camp Published on Aug 14, 2013 The Egyptian military has issued a surveillance video purporting to show gunmen firing at security forces as clashes continue across the country. Police raided supporters of the ousted President Mohamed Morsi at a...


MSNBC Loses It!! Accuses Alex Jones Of Being Responsible For Boston Bombing (Video)

MSNBC Loses It!! Accuses Alex Jones Of Being Responsible For Boston Bombing (Video) CONTRIBUTOR: Wake up America. By Susan Duclos Just when I thought MSNBC couldn't get any worse or sink any lower.... they do. The latest bit of ridiculousness comes when host Alex Wagner and guests basically blame Infowars' Alex Jones for being responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings and accuse him of being racist....


Video: A Reminder Of What Dangerous Lunatics Obama Supporters Are

Aug 15, 2013 01:36 pm


Watch the Video and Comment: Video: A Reminder Of What Dangerous Lunatics Obama Supporters Are


Funny how diversity officers in the private and public sector are always black.
Today’s Bumper Sticker from Chicago: “Lord Save Us From ObamaCare.”
AGREE: Google: we hate the nasty little 'compose' window on Gmail. Fix it or we'll move. By William Foxton
Excerpt: All the biggest technology companies have products that millions of people use, that millions of people like – and then they suddenly go and change them for no reason. The latest crime has been committed by Google. They've changed the way you write emails on Gmail – and, as of this week, the new format is the default option for all accounts.
Excerpt: The Affordable Care Act may encourage nearly one million low-income workers to leave their jobs and and the nation’s welfare rolls, according to a working paper distributed by the non-partisan National Bureau of Economic Research. (The plan is working. ~Bob)
Excerpt: Egypt’s military-backed leader declared a state of emergency Wednesday after at least 525 people were killed in bloody clashes between security forces and supporters of ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi. (Ah, the “Arab Spring,” beloved by the media and Progressives everywhere, rolls on, as members of the “Religion of Peace” slaughter each other. So this is how the Egyptian Military “restores democracy” in John Kerry’s words. Check out the police SUV, apparently with cops inside, being pushed off a bridge. ~Bob.)


Submitted by: Debbie Beatty

Extortion 17 is a Bigger Scandal and Betrayal than Benghazi

Extortion 17 could be a bigger scandal and betrayal of Americans than Benghazi. While Benghazi resulted in four American deaths, Extortion 17 resulted in 38 deaths, including nearly two dozen Navy SEALs. Many of these SEALs were made famous, credited with the killing of Osama bin Laden. The Chinook helicopter they were aboard was shot down by Taliban forces, which written testimony confirms knew theelite forces were coming into the area. Families are going after the Obama administration for what they believe were leaks that led to their family members’ deaths. According to Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee on National Security, “We’re going to dive into this.”
Billy Vaughn, father of slain Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn, recently told Freedom Outpost that the family wants to see Vice President Joe Biden and former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta held accountable for national security breaches when they outed the SEALs.
Not only were the SEAL team members furious and shocked over the big mouths of the Obama administration beating its chest with pride over the success of killing bin Laden, but the families were equally enraged. The message compromised the safety of the unit, as well as their families.


Submitted by: Ididit


Teacher Arrested At  JFK International Airport

A public school teacher was  arrested today at John F. Kennedy International airport as he attempted to board a flight while in possession of a ruler, a protractor, a compass, a slide-rule and a calculator.
At  a morning press conference, Attorney General Eric Holder said he believes the man is a member of the notorious Al-Gebra movement.  He did not identify the man, who has been charged by the FBI with carrying weapons of math instruction.

"Al-Gebra is a problem for us," the Attorney General  said. "They derive solutions by means and extremes, and sometimes go off on tangents in search of absolute values. They  use secret code names like "X" and "Y" and refer  to themselves as "unknowns" but we have determined that they
belong to a common denominator of the axis of medieval with coordinates in every country." 
As the Greek philosopher Isosceles used to say, "There are 3 sides to every triangle."

MUTH'S TRUTHS 08/15/2013


Since tarring-and-feathering tax collectors and other government bureaucrats is no longer considered an appropriate form of shame and humiliation, the question arises as to what to do with the Reno apparatchik who recently issued a citation to a pair of kids operating an “illegal” lemonade stand.

According to the Associated Press, the Washoe County Health District has admitted that one of its health inspectors shut down the lemonade stand being operated by 12-year-old Emma Ferrell and 14-year-old Alex Farrell during the Reno-Tahoe Open golf tournament on August 3rd for failing to have obtained the proper government-issued permits.

Oh, the humanity!

According to Robert Fernandes of a national organization called Lemonade Freedom, the kids and their parents live in the Montreaux Golf and Country Club community where the annual PGA golf tournament is held.


Today's Featured Article:
How To Successfully Ruin Al-Qaeda’s Day On Twitter 

Today's Politically Incorrect Headlines:


Submitted by: Debbie Beatty

Aug 15, 2013 05:55 am  

By Walid Shoebat 
In an interview with the Anatolia News Agency, Saad Al-Shater, the son of a Muslim Brotherhood leader, the detained Khairat Al-Shater, said that his father had in his hand evidence that will land Obama, in prison.
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Submitted by: Debbie Beatty

Fast & Furious: Guns Show Up in Three More Crimes

Remember Fast & Furious? With all of the recent scandals we sometimes forget about our government putting guns in the hands of Mexican drug lords. We learned on Wednesday that some of those guns were involved with 3 more crimes in Mexico. CBS reports:
Three more weapons from Fast and Furious have turned up at crime scenes in Mexico, CBS News has learned, as the toll from the controversial federal operation grows.
According to Justice Department tracing documents obtained by CBS News, all three guns are WASR-10 762-caliber Romanian rifles. Two were purchased by Fast and Furious suspect Uriel Patino in May and July of 2010. Sean Steward, who was convicted on gun charges in July 2012, purchased a third. The rifles were traced yesterday to the Lone Wolf gun shop in Glendale, Ariz.
During Fast and Furious and similar operations, federal agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) encouraged the Lone Wolf and other gun stores to sell massive amounts of weapons to questionable purchasers who allegedly trafficked them Mexican drug cartels.


Submitted by: Suzanne

DC Knows that Obama is Ineligible for Office

By JB Williams (Bio and Archives)  Saturday, April 24, 2010
Members from all three branches of the Federal government already know that Barack Hussein Obama is ineligible for the office of President. National leaders, to include members of the US Supreme Court, already know that Barack Hussein Obama is not a “natural born citizen” of the United States of America, and therefore, is ineligible for the office he currently holds. (See JB’s new article on The Bottom Line on Natural Born Citizen)
What they don’t know is how long it will take for most Americans to figure it out, or what to do about it.
The diversionary search for an authentic birth certificate is ongoing and Obama has now spent in excess of $2 million in legal fees to keep that search alive.

Eric Holder’s Department of Justice continues to deploy taxpayer funded attorneys around the country to file dismissals on behalf of Obama, denying all American citizens access to the courts as a peaceful remedy, which only fuels the fire of discontent and the questions about Obama persist.
Michelle Obama states that Kenya is Barack’s “home country.” She knows, after twenty years with Barack. The Ambassador or Kenya has confirmed the same  His family friends all know it, and are in fact quite proud of the fact that Americans had no hesitation in electing a “black man from Kenya” as President of the United States.

JIHAD WATCH 08/15/2013

Aug 14, 2013 05:32 pm | Robert
Two children from the Sunday school of St. George's church in Sohag, Egypt stand and pray in its ruins, after the church was torched by Muslim Brotherhood supporters. Photo thanks to Mona elAshry....

Aug 14, 2013 04:37 pm | Robert
Meanwhile, the Brotherhood's supporters in the U.S. continue to claim the moral high ground, aided by a bored, lazy, compliant and compromised media. "Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood assaults 22 Christian churches," from Asia News, August 14: Cairo (AsiaNews) - The Muslim Brotherhood's anger for the forced evacuation of the pro-Mohamed Morsi...

NEW WITH VIEWS 08/14/2013

NSA Domestic Spying "Built On Lies"
With all of this love and infatuation that so many people have with the Patriot Act, the Department of Homeland Security, the NDAA, the NSA, etc., why don’t these same people love Nazi Socialism? After all, the surveillance society created by G.W. Bush and Barack Obama makes Hitler’s spy apparatus look amateurish by.........
by Pastor Chuck Baldwin
Chemist Teaches 3 Unexpected Reasons He Doesn't Trust Vaccine Propaganda Take 8 minutes to learn how to protect your family and loved ones - forever - from vaccines and "biological nasties."  Insider shows you exactly what the pharmaceutical industry is hiding about vaccines and "herd immunity."  Learn about the top cure for fighting infection, found at your local supplement store!
--The People's Chemist

SOUTH CAROLINE - Nancy Mace, Richard Case and Lee Bright TAKE ON Sen Lindsey Graham

Submitted by: Donald Hank

Lindsey Graham Challenger Calls Him 'A Community Organizer For The Muslim Brotherhood'
By Luke Johnson  08/14/2013

South Carolina state Sen. Lee Bright (R), who will take on Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) in the state's primary in 2014, called Graham a "community organizer for the Muslim Brotherhood" on Tuesday.

In a conference call with supporters, Bright charged Graham with not paying enough attention to the people of South Carolina. "During the [congressional] recess, when I would hope that he would be around folks in South Carolina, getting their feelings on so many issues that affect their lives, he has instead chosen to take his time to be a community organizer for the Muslim Brotherhood, and that concerns me," Bright said, according to The State.


Dear Fellow Dog Owner,
Because you asked to be notified, I'm sending you this special alert.
On August 14, 2013, The Proctor and Gamble Company announced it is recalling specific lots of Iams and Eukanuba dog and cat foods due to possible contamination with Salmonella bacteria.
To learn which products are affected, please visit the following link:
Please be sure to share the news of this alert with other pet owners.
Mike Sagman, Editor
The Dog Food Advisor


Mathew Staver, Chairman 
Liberty Counsel Action
Liberty Counsel Action is aggressively working to do everything possible to stop the implementation of the socialist takeover of our medical services system in America.  Beyond the horrific provisions of the law itself, our personal liberties are at stake!

Please see my very important update below – Mat.


Senators Ted Cruz (R–TX) and Mike Lee (R–UT) have introduced their Defund Obamacare Act (S. 1292). Representative Tom Graves (R–GA) introduced a similar measure in the House as H.R. 2682.

Senators Rand Paul and Marco Rubio are also championing “Defund ObamaCare” efforts. There are many other elected officials who are listening to their constituents’ deep concern about going even one step further toward implementing this disastrous law – but not nearly enough yet!

++Another “fiscal cliff” lies just ahead.

By September 30, Congress must pass a Continuing Resolution (CR) to keep the government funded through the next fiscal year.  

Since Barack Obama took office, the federal government has operated without a real “budget” – the nation has been functioning under the fiscal authority of a series of CR’s with their built-in increases and mind-boggling complexity.