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July 8, 2013
H.R. 1341 — "To require the Financial Stability Oversight Council to conduct a study of the likely effects of the differences between the United States and other jurisdictions in implementing the derivatives credit valuation adjustment capital requirement." – ON THE MOTION TO SUSPEND THE RULES AND PASS THE BILL – PASSED 353 – 24
H.R. 1564 — "To amend the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 to prohibit the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board from requiring public companies to use specific auditors or require the use of different auditors on a rotating basis." – ON THE MOTION TO SUSPEND THE RULES AND PASS THE BILL – PASSED 321 – 62
H.R. 1171 — "To amend title 40, United States Code, to improve veterans service organizations access to Federal surplus personal property." – ON THE MOTION TO SUSPEND THE RULES AND PASS THE BILL – PASSED 387 – 1

LIFE NEWS 07/08/2013

Report: 30 Babies Die From Abortions After 20 Weeks of Pregnancy Every Day
In the national debate over late-term abortions, new figures bring the practice of unborn children dying late in pregnancy into a stark reality.
A new Congressional Budget Office report shows unborn children who have passed 20 weeks of pregnancy are killed in abortions about 30 times every day. And with some states not fully reporting their abortion numbers and some states with abortion facilities that alter fetal age at the time of the abortion to make later abortions “comply” with state limits, that number is likely higher.
Rick Perry Will Not Run for Governor Again, Leaves 2016 Door Open
Governor Rick Perry of Texas announced today that he will not seek re-election to a fourth term. Perry, who is pro-life, left the door open to a second presidential bid in 2016 after his first attempt fizzled.
“The time has come to pass on the mantle of leadership,” he said at a rally in San Antonio. “Today, I’m announcing I will not seek reelection as governor of Texas.”

CHUCK KOLB 07/08/2013 (lengthy)


Asiana air crash update here - Greece info retraction
5MIN News July 8, 2013: Major Quakes & Buoy Connection, Spaceweather Analysis (5:45)

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Quebec police: 5 dead in oil train derailment

The Truthseeker: Obama's Arrest, Bush's Trial
Top War Crimes Attorney Says He Will Get George W. Bush
The Truthseeker: Obama's arrest, Bush's trial (12:22)

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Submitted by: Tony Caputo

Dad says he didn't deny it was Trayvon's voice


SANFORD, Fla. (AP) — Trayvon Martin's father testified Monday that he never denied it was his son's voice screaming for help on a 911 call, contradicting police officers' earlier testimony at George Zimmerman's second-degree murder trial.
Tracy Martin was the latest in a series of witnesses called by lawyers on both sides who are seeking to convince jurors of who was the aggressor in the confrontation that left Trayvon Martin dead. Later in the day, the judge ruled that defense attorneys may present evidence to the jury that Trayvon Martin had marijuana in his system when he died.
The teen's father testified that he merely told officers he couldn't tell if it was his son after his first time listening to the call which captured the audio of fight between Martin and Zimmerman.
"I never said that wasn't my son's voice," said Tracy Martin, who added that he concluded it was his son after listening to the call as many as 20 times.
Before Tracy Martin took the witness stand, the lead investigator probing Martin's death testified that the father had answered "no" when the detective asked if the screams belonged to Trayvon Martin. Officer Chris Serino played the 911 call for Tracy Martin in the days immediately following Trayvon Martin's death in February 2012.
"He looked away and under his breath he said 'no'," Serino said of Tracy Martin.
Officer Doris Singleton backed up Serino's account.


 Garroting Throats and Hailing Satan The anti-SB5, pro-abortion protesters in Austin tried to drown out pro-lifers prayers with chants of "Hail satan." ... READ MORE

Top 10 Democrat Party Slogans The top 10 Democrat party slogans listed -- those values the Dems cling to for dear life! ... READ MORE  


Preacher Arrested for Calling Homosexuality a Sin
Who is More Stupid, Readers or Their Digest? (Part 4)


Must Watch: Rafael Cruz, the father of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, invigorated the crowd during FreedomWorks Free the People event.
Jul 07, 2013 03:33 pm 


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Featured - Monday, July 8, 2013


1. Bloodbath In Cairo: At Least 42 Killed in Egypt, Islamists Call for Uprising,
Sexual Assaults Rampant, Gang Throws Rivals to Their Deaths From Top of a Building



2. Obama’s NWO: Power to Our Enemies, Death to Our Friends, and a Fish in the President’s Face


Egyptian cop accused of leaking intelligence to the Muslim Brotherhood
An Egyptian police officer in Cairo was accused on Saturday of leaking interim-government intelligence to members of the radical Muslim organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, according to an Israeli police source in Tel Aviv.

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The battle for economic and energy freedom
During the Fourth of July celebrations, you probably thought about the freedoms we enjoy in the USA. Perhaps you even pondered how those freedoms are slipping away right before your eyes. But, did you think about economic freedom? Did you think about energy freedom? They are all connected and are all important to America.

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‘Hail Satan!’: The New ‘Pro-Choice’ Mantra
In the war between life and death, all eyes are on Texas as the Lone Star State legislature is poised to pass a sweeping late-term abortion ban. Gov. Rick Perry has pledged to sign the bill into law. The lines have been clearly drawn surrounding this progress toward equality and civil rights for pre-born Americans. Not surprisingly, as the pro-abortion side loses legislative battle after legislative battle, its “true colors” are coming into focus. Those colors are darker than many might have imagined.

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Submitted by: Debbie Beatty


I honestly don't think anyone is listening. I don't think so called real patriots really want to hear that America is no longer great because most so called patriots want to live in a pretend fantasy world where they only have to just believe...just like what the good witch Glenda told Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Just believe Dorothy and you will be home. Well folks we are not in Oz we are in America and America is dying because we think we can click our heels and just believe and we will be back home. We won't be. We have got to act and act with resolve.

How do we take action? Easy. When we have a  Tea Party meeting SHOW UP. Don't say you will be there and not show up. When we have a candidate that needs support. SHOW UP. Don't say you support them on Facebook and not support them with your labor or your resources. When we have have an event, INVITE YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Don't say you support the Tea Party but then keep it secret and to yourself. When we ask people to volunteer a few hours a months to attend meeting, VOLUNTEER. Don't ask how you can help and then not help...YOU WANT AMERICA TO BE GREAT THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Don't click you heels close your eyes and believe. ACT WITH RESOLVE.

Rick Crain
Nevada State Coordinator TEA Party Patriots
Founder and Past President Mesquite TEA Party


At US Capitol Rally, GOP Leaders & Students Keep Heat on Dems to Act on Student Loans
WASHINGTON, DC – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and Republican leaders joined college students from across the nation today in a rally at the U.S. Capitol urging Senate Democrats to follow the House’s lead and take action on student loan interest rates, which doubled one week ago.  Following are Speaker Boehner’s remarks:

RENEW AMERICA 07/08/2013

July 8, 2013
WES VERNON, RA ANALYST — One despairs at the sight of 14 Republicans who voted for the Senate's Import More Democrats Act (an honest name for the "gang of eight" immigration bill), but I do have better things to do with my life than to stir up the already raging civil war within the Republican Party... (more)
July 8, 2013
ALAN KEYES "No good deed goes unpunished." For the kingdom of evil, it would be an appropriate and intimidating slogan. It's rather like the dead-pan advisory, "Resistance is futile," intoned by the voice of the Borg just before the onslaught intended to add your distinctiveness to their collective. It's calculated to paralyze the will of all those who refuse to "get with the program."... (more)

July 8, 2013
CLIFF KINCAID The publication that calls itself Politico has a strange habit of ignoring the foreign backing and ownership of channels like Russia Today and Al Jazeera, preferring to treat them as legitimate news organizations... (more)


Submitted by: Donald Hank
Because you've written or talked about  White Girl Bleed a Lot, the return of racial violence and how the media ignore it, I thought you might want to see some regular updates on it a few times a week.

If not, I will be happy to remove you from the list.

Colin Flaherty

Chicago: More black mob violence. More denial.

By Colin Flaherty on Jul 07, 2013 03:51 pm

Chicago: More black mob violence. More denial.
Now the cops in Chicago are getting pissed off that the media is ignoring black mob violence downtown. I received an email from a Chicago cop saying so. This from the Great Blog: Second City Cop: If the media doesn’t cover it, did it actually happen? The fireworks downtown were a complete disaster again tonight, [...]
Epidemic of black mob violence: White Girl Bleed a Lot. - And how the media ignore it.

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China Is One Breath From Disarming The Entire U.S. Military

Jul 08, 2013 12:50 pm

Of all the power that China wields in the world today, its monopoly over rare earth minerals could have the most frightening impact. You see, rare earth resources are essential for producing high-tech products, renewable energy technologies and advanced weapons… Continue to Post

Read More and Comment: China Is One Breath From Disarming The Entire U.S. Military

Why Obamacare Threatens Immigration Reform

Jul 08, 2013 12:45 pm

Chuck Todd, the political director of NBC News, startled much of Washington on Sunday morning when he announced on Meet the Press that White House aides he’s spoken to have lost confidence that immigration reform will pass. He reported that… Continue to Post

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Submitted by: Doris Parker

I was recently asked by one of our members if I  believed this was an important year to come to DC for the Washington Summit.  
The very fact that he had to ask made me realize that not everyone's aware of the mounting danger to Israel.
I understand the confusion.  There's been an enormous amount of news from the Middle East this year.  But for a change, most of it was not directly about Israel. Instead, the news has come to us from Egypt, from Syria, from Iran and from Lebanon.
But make no mistake -- Israel is at the center of these developments.  Quite literally.  The one thing all of these
nations in turmoil have in common is that they border Israel or target Israel.  Our friends in the Israeli government
and military are the most concerned they've been been in decades!
 Here's why:

  • Syria's border with Israel used to be quiet.  Now, al Qaeda and its affiliates have moved in.  
  • Egypt's border with Israel used to be quiet.  Now, al Qaeda affiliates have moved in there as well.  
  • Iran's centrifuges are producing enriched uranium at the fastest rate ever.  
  • Iran's proxy army, Hezbollah, is emerging as a regional power.  


Submitted by: Nancy Battle


Wherever you stand on this issue, please take the time to read this; it should wake you from your careless slumber on this important truth.
We know Dick Lamm as the former Governor of Colorado. In that context his thoughts are particularly poignant. Last week there was an immigration overpopulation conference in Washington,DC , filled to capacity by many of America's finest minds and leaders. A brilliant college professor by the name of Victor Hansen Davis talked about his latest book, "Mexifornia," explaining how immigration - both legal and illegal was destroying the entire state of California. He said it would march across the country until it destroyed all vestiges of The American Dream.


Submitted by: Donald Hank

QUOTE:” Turkey’s …promoting itself as rolemodel for the Muslim world has
received a setback after military intervention that unseated Egypt’s Morsi”
FULL TEXT:ANKARA – Turkey’s assertive foreign policy, promoting itself as a
role model for the Muslim world, has received a setback after the military
intervention that unseated Egypt’s president Mohamed Morsi, analysts say.

Turkey’s Islamic-rooted Justice and Development Party (AKP), which faced
down the most widespread protests in its 10-year tenure, had forged close
alliance with Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood.

The Egyptian army’s ouster of the country’s first democratically elected
leader has raised eyebrows in Ankara, which has ambitiously promoted itself
as a regional powerhouse and model democracy in the Middle East.

LIFE NEWS 07/07/2013

Governor Perry Vows Texas Will Pass Ban on Late-Term Abortions
Governor Rick Perry appeared on a Sunday current events television show and pledged that the Texas legislature will pass and he will sign the bill that bans late-term abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.
A Texas state House committee approved the bill last week and more legislative action is expected on Monday and Tuesday.
Ireland Sees Largest-Ever Pro-Life Rally, 60,000 Protest Abortion
More than 60,000 pro-life people gathered for what sponsors are calling the largest-ever pro-life rally against abortion that Ireland has ever seen.
With a vote looming in the Irish Parliament to legalize abortions, pro-life advocates are pulling out all the stops to rally public opinion against the bill before a final vote is taken on Wednesday.
A Letter to My Aborted Sibling: I’m Sorry You Were Never Loved
The following was sent earlier this week to National Right to Life. It speaks volumes about a part of the abortion battle that is rarely discussed: its impact on siblings.
About a week ago my mother told me that she had an abortion before I was born. It devastated me. Mourning someone I have never met seems bizarre to me, yet I am so sad. To help me find closure I wrote my half sibling, that I will never meet, a letter.


Submitted by: Donald Hank with foreword:

I had promised to translate a paper I read in Chinese military journal Junshi.
Here is a tidbit that we should know:
An older article shown below in English says
...with its maximum range of 8,000km, the DongFeng 31 was regarded inadequate to provide an effective nuclear deterrent. For example, when launched from central China, the missile could only reach a smaller corner of the west coast of the United States. This limitation, coupled with various design flaws and technical issues, led to the decision to develop an improved variant DongFeng 31A, which caused further delay in the operational deployment of the missile. A flight test of the DongFeng 31A was carried out on 4 September 2006, and the test was said to be fully successful.
However, the Junshi article says:
The Dongfeng 30 with a 5000 mile range, can effectively strike anywhere on the US west coast and several northern mountain states.
This is a cause of concern for 2 reasons:
1--if it is true, then the report shown below, indicating limited range for this Chinese ICBM, is no longer accurate.
2--if China is a friend or ally, as our government leads us to believe, why does it so boldly proclaim its ability to reach the US with a nuclear strike? Clearly, this myth that China is a friend and ally of sorts is total bull! Why are we even trading with this dangerous country? After all, it is our trade that enriches it, enabling it to develop these weapons!
Again, I must wonder why the Junshi article was never translated (unless I am simply failing to turn up the translation) and reported in the US media.
But not to worry. The Chinese have now developed the Dongfeng 41, a 12,000 km range ICBM which can deliver a nuke to almost any destination in the world. Obviously, the US desperately needs a star wars type system that can knock these babies out of the sky! Just don't expect our peacenik in chief to even talk about that possibility!
Don Hank


Submitted by: Suzanne

Brutality in Egypt committed in the bane of Allah!


JIHAD WATCH 07/08/2013

Jul 07, 2013 09:54 pm | Robert
Islamic law forbids Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men, although Muslim men may marry non-Muslim women. And remember always: this is not hate. It only becomes hate when non-Muslims write about it. Spelling and grammar as in the original: "3 Christian Boys Were Killed by Police Due to Love Affair...

Jul 07, 2013 04:28 pm | Robert
As the Morsi supporter said in this video: "I am a religious Egyptian lady. I tell the Christians one word. You live by our side! We will set you on fire! We will set you on fire!" An update on this story. "Clashes in Luxor leave four Copts dead, 32...

ALT 07/08/2013

Submitted by: Joan Biz    

15 Signs That The Quality Of Jobs In America Is Going Downhill Really Fast
Trying to find a job in America today can be an incredibly frustrating experience...
11 Signs That Italy Is Descending Into A Full-Blown Economic Depression
When you get into too much debt, really bad things start to happen. Sadly, that is exactly what is happening to Italy right now...
Venezuela Grants Snowden Asylum
On July 6, Russia Today headlined " 'Free from imperial persecution:' Venezuela offers Snowden asylum." ...