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Legislators Ask… Why is DOJ Hiding New Fast & Furious Murders?

In the wake of the revelation that a Mexican police chief was found murdered with one of the weapons from the Obama administration’s Fast and Furious Operation, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) sent a letter to Attorney General reminding him that he has an obligation to inform Congress when weapons from his Fast and Furious operation are found at crime scenes.
In the July 12, 2013 letter to Holder, Grassley pointed to the LA Times article that reported the death of the Mexican Police Chief back on January 29, 2013. “According to the Times article, “internal Department of Justice record,” including a trace record, show that in February 2010, convicted Operation Fast and Furious target Jacob Montelongo purchased the weapon recovered from the suspects following the killing of the local Mexican police chief,” wrote Grassley and Issa.
They then added, “Records we obtained during our investigation of Operation Fast and Furious indicate that the weapon was entered into ATF’s “suspect gun database” after its purchase. Montelongo purchased at least 1009 weapons in Arizona during Fast and Furious, which were contemporaneously tracked in ATF’s database.”


1. America: Pray, or Prey




George Zimmerman: In Hiding
Found not guilty, George Zimmerman walked out of the courthouse a free man, and then went into hiding. Zimmerman and his parents have received death threats, and the Obama administration is going to go against the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution (Double Jeopardy) and is unconstitutionally filing federal charges against George Zimmerman.
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Why Did The Obama Administration “Organize And Manage” Protests Against George Zimmerman?
Is the Obama administration at least partially responsible for turning the George Zimmerman trial into such a huge national spectacle? Judicial Watch has obtained documents which prove that the Community Relations Service, a division of the Department of Justice, was sent to Sanford, Florida in late March 2012 “to help organize and manage rallies and protests against George Zimmerman."
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Common Core Won’t Make Kids Smarter
The new education standards called Common Core won’t make U.S. kids any smarter. The overall Common Core strategy is to raise middle-scoring students a point or two but do nothing to motivate or help the smarter kids or the dumber kids. CC’s goal is to achieve a result like Lake Wobegon, the fictional Minnesota town where “all kids are above average.”
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BEFORE ITS NEWS 07/21/2013

Massive Fire JPMorgan Gold Depot - False Flag? (Video) (video)

Massive Fire JPMorgan Gold Depot - False Flag? (Video) CONTRIBUTOR: Live Free or Die. What better way to make sure there is no longer any gold than to 'destroy the lack of evidence'? A massive fire has struck JPMorgan's gold depot. Does the FACT that JPMorgan's gold inventory plunged 66% on Friday have ANYTHING at all to do with this fire? When will American's...


China's New Basket Case Weapon Will Turn Entire Cities Into Basket Cases (video)

China's New Basket Case Weapon Will Turn Entire Cities Into Basket Cases CONTRIBUTOR: Live Free or Die. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, we learn that China has a new 'weapon' that will turn you and I and entire cities into 'basket cases'. Before I go any further, I have to ask, have they already used this upon Washington DC and Capitol Hill and...


Donald Hank Writes:
Here is my response, point by point, since you insist on my taking up a large part of my Sunday stating the obvious.
When I use the word 'lead' I construe it in the original sense.
When you say that the Dems have led, you give them credit that they don't deserve. This kind of statement gives them more power.
The Democrats don't lead, they mislead by changing the definitions of the word, knowning that there are soft headed people who will follow their lead--or rather their 'mislead.'
On immigration, they change the definition of 2 terms: immigration and illegal immigration.
Immigration used to mean the movement of people from a foreign country to our country and it strongly implied legal immigration. Illegal immigration used to mean immigation that entailed a penalty.
The Democrat definition of immigration, also adopted by misled and foolish Republicans who wouldn't recognize deception if it gave them a well-deserved smack on the chops, is the movement of people from another country (which is no longer called foreign since we are said to all be world citizens now--another classic deceit that soft headed Republicans fall for instantly), mostly without papers, something that is illegal but the illegality is not acknowledged.
For Democrats and their gullible enablers, there simply is no such thing as illegal immigration because they have swallowed hook line and sinker the notion expressed by Nancy Pelosi that 'no one is illegal.' Therefore the only 'definition' for the term 'illegal immigration' is scorn for anyone audacious enough to utter it.


Feds To Spend $500K For Job Creation--In Belize
By Melanie Hunter

The State Department through the U.S. Mission to Belize is planning to spend $500,000 to create jobs for youth in Belize.

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Breaking: Obama Suffers Emotional Breakdown
Posted On America's Conservative News

No one else is daring to say it. Members of the MSM are calling Obama's impromptu Trayvon-ramblings "historic," but his incoherent musings make it more than clear that Barack Obama is not just behaving like a tin-pot dictator... but a tin-pot dictator on the verge of a complete nervous breakdown ...

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"The IRS - Inept, Criminally Negligent and Hopelessly Corrupt!"

from "In Defense of Rural America"
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author and speaker on freedom and property rights issues.
© Copyright Sunday, July 21, 2013 - All Rights Reserved
As published on Newswithviews, July 11, 2013

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RACKETEERING: Traditionally, obtaining or extorting money illegally or carrying on illegal business activities, usually by organized crime.  A pattern of illegal activity carried out as part of an enterprise that is owned or controlled by those who are engaged in the illegal activity. 


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McCain: Obama’s Trayvon Comments ‘Very Impressive’


Submitted by: Nancy Battle
In a stunning development, Deputy Director of the NSA, John Inglis, along with Assistant Attorney General, James Cole, have fled the United States after their participation in a contentious congressional meeting on Capitol Hill.
In that meeting, both Inglis and Cole revealed that the depth of NSA spying far surpassed anything that whistleblower Edward Snowden has made public to date. The unauthorized leaks to Congress by Inglis and Cole, which exposed more about NSA spying than anything Snowden has revealed, shook congressional leaders to their core.
The National Security Agency revealed to an angry congressional panel on Wednesday that its analysis of phone records and online behavior goes exponentially beyond what it had previously disclosed.
John C Inglis, the deputy director of the surveillance agency, told a member of the House judiciary committee that NSA analysts can perform "a second or third hop query" through its collections of telephone data and internet records in order to find connections to terrorist organizations.
"Hops" refers to a technical term indicating connections between people. A three-hop query means that the NSA can look at data not only from a suspected terrorist, but from everyone that suspect communicated with, and then from everyone those people communicated with, and then from everyone all of those people communicated with.

COMBUSTIBLE 07/21/2013

Grasping for Dignity in the Era of the American Police State
During a routine traffic stop, Leila Tarantino was allegedly subjected to two roadside strip searches in plain view of passing traffic, while her two children waited inside her car. Read More...
Rand Paul: The coup that isn’t as Obama disregards his duty to cut off Egyptian aid
Egypt has undergone a coup, deposed its leader and the military has installed a new president. Read More...
'Gasland' scandal ignited at EPA
When the anti-fracking hoax-fest “Gasland Part II” premiered on HBO July 8, eco-filmmaker Josh Fox probably wasn’t expecting explosive emails to surface exposing his fakery and how the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency colluded with him in a campaign to destroy “fracking,” the hydraulic fracturing technology that’s making America energy independent. Read More...


Submitted by: Nancy Battle
"If we want to keep our nation's secrets a 'SECRET', then we should store them where President Obama stores his college transcripts and his birth certificate."
Gov. Mike Huckabee


Submitted by: Lady Byrd


Threatens every Kentucky school district

June 20, 2013

 The ACLU has threatened to sue Kentucky’s 174 school districts if they refuse to ban the distribution of Gideon Bibles, but the warning lacks teeth, according to the Alliance Defending Freedom, which contends it is based on outdated law.

“Most of the decisions cited in the ACLU’s letter are no longer good law as they were issued before the Supreme Court decided Good News Club in 2001,” ADF told school officials in a letter sent to correct an ACLU missive.

ADF jumped into action when it became aware of the threat from the ACLU.

“Public schools should encourage, not shut down, the free exchange of ideas,” said ADF Litigation Staff Counsel Rory Gray. “That’s why the schools frequently allow a wide array of groups to distribute literature of various sorts to students. Singling out the Gideons while allowing other groups to distribute literature would be clearly unconstitutional.”


FAA Warns Against Shooting Down Drones
Anger and Animosity Versus ForgivenessTOP STORIES


Submitted by: Suzanne

Actor James Woods: 'People Lock Their Car Doors When Obama Walks By...They're Afraid He'll Tax Them to Death'

By Noel Sheppard | July 20, 2013 | 12:41
A  A

Emmy Award-winning actor James Woods had some harsh words for the President Friday.
Shortly after Barack Obama finished his address concerning race and the George Zimmerman verdict - which included comments about people locking their car doors when black men walk by - Woods tweeted, "The only reason people lock their car doors when Obama walks by is they are afraid he'll tax them to death":
Just curious. Does the President of the United States have any advice for other teenage boys in America? Wounded warriors, for example...
— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) July 19, 2013

CLASH DAILY 07/21/2013

 Obama Stirs Trayvon Pot to Distract from IRS, NSA, DOJ and Benghazi Scandals Last Friday afternoon the president injected himself into the Trayvon/Zimmerman mix again by doing what he excels at, namely, increasing the racial divide, blaming the “white hispanic”, condemning guns and upbraiding ... READ MORE

The Militarization of American Cities By RADLEY BALKO On Jan. 4 of last year, a local narcotics strike force conducted a raid on the Ogden, Utah, home of Matthew David Stewart at 8:40 p.m. The 12 officers were acting on [...] ... READ MORE 



Submitted by: Donald Hank

Conservatives, Get Ready For The Cantor-Goodlatte Touchback Amnesty Bill That Will Legalize 40 To 60 Million Illegal Aliens
by Dave Levine

There's a truly horrific bill that will be filed shortly by Rep. Cantor and Rep. Goodlatte that will give Amnesty to 40 to 60 million illegal aliens.

The bill--somehow forcing so many millions of illegals to repatriate to Mexico and others to their home countries and "touchback", getting the papers they left behind proving "who" they are, then wait to re-enter legally supposedly "in line" behind those waiting in other countries to emigrate--will lack enforcement and will make a mockery of our sovereignty and our Federal Immigration laws. It will set up "little Ellis Islands" along the dangerous, Cartel-controlled Mexican Border. It will legalize criminals including about 1 million illegal alien gangbangers currently residing in our country. There is no way the writers of this bill can force 1 million dangerous, ruthless gangbangers to leave the U.S.; they'll be left alone.


Sharpton Absolves Jeantel On N-Word: ‘Just The Way Some Of Y’all Talk’

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JIHAD WATCH 07/21/2013

Jul 20, 2013 10:14 am | The Anti-Jihadist
And by 'mocking religion', no doubt the Malaysian government is referring to one religion in particular. "No compromise on individuals mocking religion: Ahmad Shabery", from the New Straits Times, July 20: KUALA BESUT: The communication and multimedia ministry will not compromise with those who insult or mock religion on social...

Jul 20, 2013 09:23 am | Robert
"The law should be applied, and applies to everyone." That principle, so hard-won in the West, is rapidly giving way. "5 injured in clashes at burka riot outside Paris," by Nicolas Garriga and Angela Charlton for the Associated Press, July 20: TRAPPES, France (AP) — About 250 people hurling projectiles...

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Move over NSA, here comes the Obamacare database

Would you trust thousands of low-level Federal bureaucrats and contractors with one-touch access to your private financial and medical information? Under Obamacare you won’t have any choice. As the Obamacare train-wreck begins to gather steam, there is increasing concern in … Continue reading

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National MiddleClass Network DAILY NewsBriefer - 7-21-13
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Obama’s Government-Owned
Propaganda Machine
From: CommieBlaster
Amnesty Bill: Bureaucracy and Pork
Gang of Eight Immigration Bill Allows Up to TWO FORGED Passports WITHOUT Criminal Charges And Still Get Amnesty and Citizenship.
by Stephen Frank on 07/19/2013
      This is as sick as it gets.  Not only do the Gang of Eight and the Democrat Party believe it is OK to give lawbreakers amnesty and a path to citizenship, if this bill passes it will be OK for each illegal alien to FORGE TWO passports and not be in trouble.  When asked about this Senator McCain feigned ignorance about the bill HE authored.  He claimed he had no idea how many forged passports a criminal could produce and still become a citizen.  McCain does not even know what is in the Bill he voted for, shame on him—shame on the people of Arizona.
      “ followed-up, “Can you tell me why that would be part of the bill in the first place?”
McCain answered, “ I cannot tell you that it is part of the bill.”   In the legislation that passed in the Senate, Section 1541 “Trafficking in Passports,” it explains in detail that a person can be charged for a crime if they forge “3 or more passports,” meaning that they potentially would not be charged if they falsely made only one or two passports. The criminal charges and penalties do not kick in until after “3 or more passports” are falsely made, issued, or transferred, etcetera.”    LINK