Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Time of Joy
Once again we observe the celebration of Jesus Christ being born to us as man. We hear the name Emmanuel and often fail to know that its meaning is, “God is amongst us.”
What is so hard to imagine are the many evils that confronted our Lord and Savior that He overcame with grace and understanding. He was sought after, as a male child, by Herod’s forces. Their intent was to slay Him thereby stopping any challenge to Herod’s area of rule. As a babe in arms He was taken to the safety of Egypt where He spent years of His life.
Sadly there are those who would kill Him this very day in their zest to protect secular matters and deny anyone the right to worship as they please.
There were men of learning, he Magi, who sought to pay homage to Him as they knew, without a doubt, that He was their Lord and Savior. How they came to know this is not made note of with the exception of being led by a star.

I find this to be particularly interesting as many refuse to acknowledge God’s existence let alone the Divinity of Jesus Christ. Not only do they rebel against the very thought, but do all within their power to besmirch and abase anything that reminds we Christians of His birth and life here on earth. Those are the very people that I equate with Herod.
I have delivered a sermon that addresses this oddity. I say oddity as their reason is indeed odd!
If celebrating the birth of Jesus brings happiness to so many, just why do the minority feel as if they must not only deny His coming to earth, but must react so foolishly in their denial. There is but one of two reasons for their actions and that reason can only be described as, ‘jealousy,’ or ‘foolishness.’
Let’s explore each
Jealousy: the feeling of hostility towards one believed to enjoy an advantage.
Well, we, as TRUE Christians, do ‘enjoy and advantage,’ don’t we? That advantage is the knowledge and belief, through FAITH, that we are saved by the Blood of Jesus Christ. By His life, which we celebrate Christmas Day as His birth, and death at Calvary we are saved.
Foolishness:  Exhibiting an attitude or behavior not worthy of thought.
Well, well…now we are getting somewhere. Yes, their attitudes are not worth of thought and by exhibiting such they prove their own stupidity!
What the biggest shame of it all is that by interpreting our US Constitution WRONGLY, their ‘jealousy,’ and ‘foolishness,’ is allowed! That, in itself, is a sermon to be had to date!
Ecclesiastes 7:25  So I turned my mind to understand,
       to investigate and to search out wisdom and the scheme of things
       and to understand the stupidity of wickedness
       and the madness of folly..
It is indeed a ‘folly’ to allow the, ‘madness,’ which can only be seen a ‘jealousy,’ that causes the ‘wickedness,’ that drive men to attempt to derive their fellow men of a right to enjoy happiness.
I am one that speaks out and asserts my God given Right to worship as I please as I know that as a TRUE Christian I am under the protection of God Himself! He has guaranteed me His mercy and I have been reborn by the Blood of my Master, Jesus Christ. You are as well if you have turned to Him just as you turned from sin.
In short, I intend to rejoice in the knowledge that He did come, He did live amongst us, He did teach, He did die for me, He was resurrected, and He did rise to heaven. You too can say, “I am saved by the Blood of Christ.”
What is particularly worthy of realizing is that He not only lived in days gone by but He LIVES IN MY HEART TODAY! Does He live in yours? I pray that the answer is, ‘YES, Jesus LIVES IN MY HEART!’
Hallelujah! He is WITH ME YET!
May this Christmas Day find you in God’s grace, among those that are happy, joyful, and most of all, in the presence of someone that you can invite our Lord to join the two (or more) of you as you let Him know how happy He has made the two (or more) of you by His Birth!
(Closing prayer)
Father, Almighty God, Lord on High, we thank You for sending Your Son to us and for His life amongst us. We hear hymns of rejoicing that are beautiful and reflect the joy and happiness of this observance of the birth of our Lord and Savior.
We join in with all that worship You and when we hear those joyous hymns we pray that they are truly a sweet sound to Your ears. 
Father, we bow to You and praise Your Holy Names. We ask that You forgive those that refuse to see You and enlighten their hearts. May we, as Your faithful servants, set the example to those that doubt that will result in their gaining knowledge allowing them to believe in You, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ.
We pray these words in the name of Jesus Christ, who is One with You and the Holy Spirit, One God, forever and ever,
Amen, amen and amen.
God's Word Christian Ministry
Pastor Lee S Gliddon Jr, DOM

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