Sunday, September 22, 2013



Dawn of The Singularity:
Superheroes of Science to Rescue Humanity From Itself?

Nicholas West

Vaccines and Flu Shots Good For Big Pharma, Not Us!
Jon David Miller

Oregonians warned to prepare for the ‘big one’
Chris Carrington

West Attempts Syria Cover Up -
Claims "Twitter Donations" Behind Rise of Al Qaeda

Tony Cartalucci

Britain Considered Putting Troops on the Streets in 2008 Financial Crisis;
Well, it's Worse Now

Lizzie Bennett

Have We Slain the Beast? Or Is the Global Warming Hoax Still Alive?
Bernie Suarez

One-page proof that attributing consciousness to the brain is absurd
Jon Rappoport

Facebook wants to use artificial intelligence for analysis and predictions
Madison Ruppert

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Agenda 21 - Fema Camps 2013 - Depopulation Plans In America

"Superheroes of Science" to Rescue Humanity From Itself?


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