Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Democrat Congressman says President Trump is “more Dangerous” to the USA than Terrorists 

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Muslim Professor Arrested after Filing False Report of Hate Crimes

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Elizabeth Warren and Prominent Professors Come Together to Defend Free Speech 

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Whoa. Turkey Bombs US-Backed Rebels in Syria 
Fox News Under Fire 
“Historic Accomplishments” Mark President Trump’s First 100 Days 
Dirty Jobs Mike Rowe is Nervous about Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” 
Saudi Arabia elected to U.N Commission on the Rights of Women
Is a Communications ‘Radar Detector’ for Consumers in Order? 
The French Election Translated for America 
On Capitol Hill Pressure Building for GOP to Repeal Obamacare 
Can You Control Your Cussing? 
Has President Trump Turned on WikiLeaks? 

Holocaust Remembrance Day Sadly Reminded Us that Anti-Semitism is Mainstream Again 
The Anti-Science “March for Science” 
News You Can Use for April 25, 2017 
New Study Finds Interesting Trend in Survey of Best and Worst States 
Liberal Washington Post/ABC Poll Proves Trump Right 
Trump To Hold Unprecedented North Korea Briefing with ENTIRE Senate on Wednesday 
Marine Le Pen Eschews Partisanship, Looks to United France As Candidate 
Plan B Birth Control Dispensed Via VENDING MACHINE on Campus in California 
Conservative Students Bring Lawsuit Against Biased Berkeley 
Trump Walk of Fame Star Egregiously Vandalized…AGAIN 
No More “Strategic” Patience 
Sorry, Alveda King: Your Uncle Martin Was Pro-Abortion 
People in “Real” America still LOVE Donald Trump 
CBS tells Democrat Leader to Watch His Mouth 
Democrat Leaders tell Pro-Lifers to Support Abortion or Get Out 

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