Tuesday, April 25, 2017


In 1st Podcast Since Leaving Fox News, Bill O'Reilly Makes Stunning Admission [Video]
Posted by Jeff Neukom
O'Reilly is back and he has a big message for his followers... Read more…

Pelosi Calls Border Wall 'Immoral & Unwise' - That's When These 2 Ranchers Put Her in Her Place [Video]
Posted by Andrew Kerr
Nancy Pelosi is not used to be treated like this, especially by a couple of ranchers... Read more…

Fox News Host Gets Cosmetic Surgery, But When She Finally Looks In Mirror, It's Too Late
Posted by Fred Maxwell
This Fox News host should have read the fine print before getting this cosmetic procedure... Read more…

Trump Picks New Secret Service Boss - 1 Thing About His Background Immediately Stands Out
Posted by Andrew Kerr
After the recent controversies surrounding the secret service, Donald Trump has finally decided on a new boss for the agency... Read more…

What Andrea Tantaros Just Accused Fox News Of Doing Just Took Things To A Whole New Level
Posted by Doug Groff
The former Fox News favorite is breaking her silence... Read more…

Second Copy Of Declaration Of Independence Just Found, And There's 1 Big Difference [Video]
Posted by Jack Davis
Researchers have just made an unbelievable discovery. A genuine copy of the Declaration of Independence was located, and that's not even the most incredible part... Read more…

Now That Gorsuch Is On The Court, Marco Rubio Comes Forward With Stunning Claim
Posted by Jack Davis
This is very interesting... Do you think Marco Rubio could be right about this? Read more…

'Mad Dog' And Tillerson Suddenly Head To White House For 'Unusual' Reason That Has Many Speculating
Posted by Jack Davis
The latest development about James 'Mad Dog' Mattis and Rex Tillerson has all of Washington DC on alert. Read more…

John McCain Just Grabbed Donald Trump's Attention With This Massive Military Announcement
Posted by Andrew Kerr
This will be hard for President Trump to ignore... Read more…

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