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Tucker Carlson Tonight 4/24/17 | Fox News | April 24, 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCtz-VqeLBw
From: sherzieve.....More...From: "John Rolls" 
From: sherzieve...This is EXCELLENT!  Please watch and pass on to your lists. Thanks to Doug.
From: "doug walk".....(All we hear are the "big-mouthed" instigators who want to protect "illegal" crimigrants so they can "suck" the taxpayers dry, hear are some Pres. Trump supporters telling their sides, notice how the "elites" try to shut them up)
What L.A. People Really Think of L.A. as a Sanctuary City
From: sherzieve.....Then, again, these days they're pretty much the same...
From: charlite   
From: Amil 
From: sherzieve   From: "doug walk" ...96% who voted for Trump would do it again, [make that 99% or more](This should show Americans just how much they can depend on the "BS" polls, I would guess that Pres. Trumps approval rating is higher than Pres. Reagans at the 100 day point)
96% who voted for Trump would do it again
"A nationwide poll shows that 96 percent of voters who cast their ballots for President Donald Trump in the November election would repeat their decision, while at the same time, his approval rating at the 100-day mark is lower than any president’s sincehttps://onenewsnow.com/politics-govt/2017/04/24/96-who-voted-for-trump-would-do-it-again#.WP5SxGQUegc.email
From: sherzieve.....NY public school system appears to have completely devolved into a Luciferian Leftist organization--much the same as any dystopian H'Wood film might predict...From: "doug walk" ....  (Elites [commies] are increasingly desperate to keep you from teach your kids the truth, you must fight them)
NY homeschool family relentlessly harassed by officials
"Officials from a public school district persistently harassed a homeschool family that recently moved to New York in the middle of the school year"  https://onenewsnow.com/education/2017/04/23/ny-homeschool-family-relentlessly-harassed-by-officials#.WP3WhPongKo.email
From: Sher Zieve ...This country's true history is being removed and rewritten.  These are still the most dangerous times in the history of this once-great God-fearing country.

CBS News on MSN.com · 3 hours ago...Workers early Monday dismantled the Liberty Place monument, the first of four Confederate monuments that will be taken down.
From: Dave Hollenbeck
Why Are Mayors And Governors Supporting Sanctuary Cities?

UC DAVIS: to Protect “Diversity” NO U.S. Flag Needed

By Stephen Frank on Apr 23, 2017 08:42 pm
Tens of millions of Americans fought, many wounded and many died, for the flag of the United States.  It is a symbol of freedom and opportunity throughout the world.  Illegal aliens by the millions violate our laws, so they can live here.  Yet, the student government at UC Davis, a government school says NO to […]
From: Sher Zieve 
FYI – Suburbs that do not diversify economically and require long commutes to major job centers could experience negative impact from the demographic changes noted in this article over the next few decades and beyond.   Economic and wage growth, especially for the millennials, is certainly a major concern to all of us (not only from purchasing baby boomer homes, but also funding SSI….).
Who's going to pay bubble-valuation prices for the millions of suburban homes Baby Boomers will be off-loading in the coming decade as they retire/ downsize? http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-04-24/who-will-live-suburbs-if-millennials-favor-cities
From: Sher Zieve .....YES!!!   From: Dave Hollenbeck
Why Is MSM Covering Up Trump’s Closure Of Corrupt ENERGY STAR?
From: Jenny...My old subway stop when I worked on Madison Ave.  These are small compared to one huge one I saw one day!
Battle for the ages: Two New York subway rats fight over a bagel

New Study Shows Green Tea Extract Helps Metabolism and Body Clocks

Disrupted circadian rhythms can lead to numerous metabolic disorders. Green tea extract has been shown to help balance them and improve various metabolic disorders. http://www.wellnessresources.com/health/articles/new_study_shows_green_tea_extract_helps_metabolism_and_body_clocks
Animals take over at The Tonight Show...Robert Irwin is the son of the late "Crocodile Hunter," Steve Irwin. The 13-year-old boy takes after his father, and knows so much about these exotic zoo animals. You have to see the animals he brought with him during his recent visit on The Tonight Show.    http://lyris-t.komando.com/t/1028822/10649770/269425/80/

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