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Subject:  Your Morning Intelligence Brief (April 25th, 2017)

April 25th, 2017

Ed Note: Like cheer leaders, before the start of the football game, the government agencies are prepping all local government agencies and the military for a potential attack (exercise) on Washington D.C. tomorrow April 26th. The (ABC) TV series, "The Designated Survivor" "skipped the pilot stage and was ordered straight to series on December 14, 2015, followed by a formal announcement on May 6, 2016," involving a major attack on Washington D.C. Any wonder why?? 

The noted common factor with nearly every single government exercise to date is the "False Flag" attack that just happens to take place nearby an "exercise." The most notable was the military exercise on the morning of 9/11 when NORAD, in conjunction with the FAA Control Center conducted a series of airliner intercepts of computer generated radar targets that were "hijacked" and would hit certain designated buildings from Chicago to New York and Washington D.C.

Research "Operation Northwoods," an earlier version of what happened on 9/11.

At approximately 0800 hrs on 9/11, FAA air route traffic controllers became confused as reports began to stream into control centers of alleged "real hijackings" and to add to the confusion.....bogus computer generated radar targets, mixed with the 4 alleged hijacked airliners....plus the fact that most of NORAD's defense ready jet fighters were chasing bogus targets near Canada, the 9/11 False Flag attack by the CIA / Saudi / Bush Administration wastheir success for everything we continue to be involved with 16 years later.

Why should tomorrow be any different in Washington D.C.?? "Where there's smoke, there is fire."  --Dave Bertrand

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Today's Featured Article / Report

Washington D.C. To Hold Massive "Coordinated Terror Attack" Drill This Wednesday

As we reported on Friday, that's when Operation Gotham Shield, an exercise involving FEMA, Homeland Security and a myriad of law enforcement and military agencies and which simulates a nuclear bomb blast over Manhattan, is set to conclude.

Then, as we learned earlier, April 26 is also when the entire Senate will be briefed by Donald Trump and his four top defense and military officials on the situation in North Korea at the White House, an event which Reuters dubbed as "unusual."

April 26 is also when the USS Carl Vinson is expected to finally arrive off the coast of the Korean Penninsula.

Now, in a statement from the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, the regional association reports that "law enforcement officials and other first responders will participate in a full-scale exercise on April 26 designed to prepare for the possibility of a complex coordinated terror attack in the National Capital Region."

The statement adds that emergency managers who work together at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) planned the exercise to help protect residents by preparing for an attack involving multiple target locations and teams of perpetrators.

The exercise will be conducted across a widespread geographical area. According to the release, the regional exercise will be staged at six sites in the District of Columbia, suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia, and will involve hundreds of police, fire, and emergency medical service personnel and volunteer actors.

The locations include neighborhoods in the northeast and southeast quadrants of the District of Columbia, Prince George’s County, and Arlington and Fairfax Counties.  Residents in those neighborhoods will be notified ahead of time to expect the exercise.

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TEEN MOB TAKE TRAIN IN OAKLAND...  (D.B.: But of course in a "Gun Free Zone State")


How Sane Cannabis Policy is Blocked by the Machine




Economy & Business
The Streak Is Over: Caterpillar Posts First Positive Retail Sales After 51 Months Of Declines
Zero Hedge - On Monday, traditionally just ahead of earnings, Caterpillar reported that in March its world retail sales rose 1% Y/Y, the first increase since November 2012. The reason: Asia/Pacific, also known as China, which saw a 46% surge in total machine sales, up from 39% last month, and the best Asian performance going all the way back to April 2011…. Looking at a breakdown of what kinds of machines drove the global rebound, it was all construction related machinery, which rose 7%, once again entirely due to China, where sales soared by 56% as all other geographic regions posted negative sales…. Finally, looking at the type of Energy and Transportation machines sold, Power Gen[Generation], Industrial and Transportation all declined( -7%, -6% and -3%, respectively), while Oil and Gas rose by 15% in March.

Supreme Court: General Motors Can't Use Bankruptcy To Avoid Lawsuits Over Deadly Ignition Defect 
Consumerist - When GM, with more than a little help from taxpayers, clawed its way out of bankruptcy in 2009, it did so with an understanding that the “New GM” had purchased all the old assets of pre-bankruptcy “Old GM,” under the condition that the new company would be “free and clear” from liability for claims against the old company. So the massive ignition recall presented a difficult question, in terms of which GM should be blamed…. In 2015, a federal bankruptcy court sided with GM … ruling that lawsuits could be brought against New GM, but only ones that involve actions of the post-bankruptcy company. Last summer, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals upended that decision… ruling that buyers of affected used GM cars were wrongly barred from suing by the bankruptcy court…. GM appealed the Second Circuit ruling to the Supreme Court, but this morning SCOTUS denied that petition without comment, meaning the appeals court ruling will stand, and the various lawsuits against GM can move forward…. The automaker has already paid out nearly $600 million in claims through an independent fund. The company has acknowledged that the ignition defect is linked to at least 124 fatalities and hundreds of injuries.
Science & Technology
>10,000 Windows computers may be infected by advanced NSA backdoor
Ars Technica - DoublePulsar, as the NSA implant is code-named, was detected on more than 107,000 computers in one Internet scan. That scan was performed over the past few days by researchers from Binary Edge, a security firm headquartered in Switzerland. … Separate mass scans, one done by Errata Security CEO Rob Graham and another by researchers from Below0day, detected roughly 41,000 and 30,000 infected machines, respectively. To remain stealthy, DoublePulsar doesn't write any files to the computers it infects. This design prevents it from persisting after an infected machine is rebooted. The lack of persistence may be one explanation for the widely differing results. Not everyone is convinced the results are accurate. Even 30,000 infections sounds extremely high for an implant belonging to the NSA, a highly secretive agency that almost always prefers to abort a mission over risking it being detected. Critics speculate that a bug in a widely used detection script is generating false positives. Over the past 24 hours—as additional scans have continued to detect between 30,000 and 60,000 infections—a new theory has emerged: copycat hackers downloaded the DoublePulsar binary released by Shadow Brokers. The copycats then used it to infect unpatched Windows computers.
 Gardening, Farming & Homesteading
Vegetables In 1950 Were More Nutritious. Seriously
Off the Grid News - Most potatoes we eat today have 100 percent less vitamin A than potatoes did in the 1950s. One hundred percent. That may sound unbelievable, but it doesn’t end there. An analysis of nutritional records done by Canada’s national newspaper found that potatoes also lost 57 percent of their vitamin C and iron, 50 percent of their riboflavin, 28 percent of their calcium, and 18 percent of their thiamine. Of the seven nutrients analyzed to determine nutrient density, only niacin levels increased in potatoes in the past 50-60 years. This decline in nutrient density isn’t specific to potatoes. Broccoli in the 1950s had more calcium. Scientific American reported – shockingly — that it takes eight of today’s oranges to pony up the same amount of nutrients that one single orange had in the 1950s. What on earth is going on? Agribusiness is called “agribusiness” for a reason: It’s about making money. And in its quest to make money, agribusiness has developed new varieties of vegetables, selecting for characteristics that impact the bottom line, rather than nutrient density. Cultivars are chosen for their disease resistance, suitability for the climate, maturity rate, high yields, and physical appearance. Plants are growing bigger, but their ability to take up or process nutrients has not increased at a comparable rate…. Intensive farming methods strip the soil of its nutrients. If the soil lacks nutrients, so too will the plants that grow in that soil.
Protests across Europe as countries plan compulsory vaccination
What Doctors Don't Tell You - It's European Immunization Week—but not everyone's celebrating. Protests are being planned around Europe as some EU countries, including Austria, consider making vaccinations compulsory. Austrians are planning their protest in Vienna on May 6th, and Poles are protesting on June 3rd, which last year the Czechs designated 'Light a Candle' day to commemorate the lives lost or damaged because of vaccination. The Italians demonstrated against compulsory vaccination last March, and protests have also taken place in Croatia—where vaccines are already mandatory—earlier this month. The European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance, which is helping to co-ordinate the protests, describes compulsory vaccination as a breach of fundamental human rights. It says that "a number of European countries" are considering making childhood vaccination mandatory. Asset, a pro-vaccine group, does not believe that a compulsory programme is the way to go. The group says that vaccination levels are not necessarily higher in countries where it is compulsory; Latvia, for instance, doesn't have a higher take-up rate than other Baltic states even though parents are legally obliged to have their children vaccinated. Instead, some countries fine parents who don't get their children vaccinated, while others make attendance at school more difficult. In France, two parents were jailed after refusing to have their child vaccinated. To find out more about the protests.

How dental amalgam fillings destroy gut health and cause heart disease
(NaturalHealth365) Mercury – a neurotoxic heavy metal – is so dangerous that the World Health Organization says there is no safe level for exposure. Yet over 180 million Americans currently have restored teeth, many with dental amalgam fillings – which can contain up 50 percent mercury…. Mercury aggressively binds with sulfur groups in the body – compounds that are essential for biochemical processes, particularly the function of enzymes and the production of important antioxidants such as glutathione. Mercury exposure also raises blood levels of homocysteine, a molecule associated with heart disease. In addition, mercury causes an increase of pro-inflammatory cytokines, interferes with intestinal nutrient transport, and depletes existing stores of essential antioxidants that would otherwise be destroying damaging free radicals in the body. …it can also play a significant role in triggering leaky gut syndrome…. Unsurprisingly, mercury fillings have been linked not only with leaky gut, but a host of other digestive diseases – including ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease. Dental fillings can also trigger or worsen food allergies and sensitivities.

1 in 10 American adults now have some stage of chronic kidney disease
(NaturalHealth365) In the year 2013 alone, more than 15 million people were prescribed proton pump inhibitor drugs, such as Prilosec and Nexium, as remedies for acid reflux. And with proton pump inhibitors – or PPIs – also easily available over the counter, the actual amount of people taking them is clearly even higher. (So, what’s the problem?) Now, research is revealing a disturbing link between PPIs and increased rates of chronic kidney disease…. In a 6-year study conducted by the prestigious Johns Hopkins University and involving 10,482 subjects with an average age of 63 years, people who used proton pump inhibiting drugs to treat heartburn and indigestion increased their risk of developing kidney disease by 20 to 50 percent. In addition, a 2013 study showed that patients with acute kidney failure were more than twice as likely to be taking a proton pump inhibitor.





Breitbart          Illegal Alien Driver Intentionally Killed Bicyclist, Police Say 
An illegal immigrant in a small North Carolina town intentionally hit and killed a bicyclist with his car, according to police. -- Genaro Muniz-Padilla, an 18-year-old illegal immigrant, allegedly struck 42-year-old Jamica Williams with his vehicle after the two were involved in a previous altercation, according to the Johnston County Report. -- According to eyewitness reports, Muniz-Padilla was upset with Williams after he allegedly made a comment to a woman living nearby. Williams took off on his bike shortly thereafter.......
CNS News         WH: Crime-Ridden Sanctuary City Of Chicago Can't Have It Both Ways: No Federal Funds For Situation They Created 
When asked whether President Donald Trump would still cut off law enforcement funds to the city of Chicago because it's a sanctuary city even though it could hamper police from fighting violent crime, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said sanctuary cities can't have it both ways - refusing to cooperate with federal immigration officials and still expecting to get law enforcement grants to handle a situation they created.......
CBS Chicago         Durbin: Chicago Should Remain Sanctuary For Illegals 
The Justice Department has threatened to yank federal funding from Chicago and other sanctuary cities as long as they remain sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants. -- On CNN, Sen. Dick Durbin said police departments are not in favor of what the Trump Administration is calling for. He says it would impact the kind of information police get to keep the public safe.......
My San Antonio         ICE deports Mexican man wanted for aggravated homicide, has been removed from U.S. multiple times 
A man wanted for aggravated homicide was deported back to Mexico Wednesday, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said in a news release. -- Juan Garcia-Rendon, 38, was removed from a U.S. prison Tuesday and was handed over to Mexican immigration officials at the Nogales DeConcini Port of Entry along the Arizona-Mexico border south of Tucson. -- "Fugitives who commit egregious crimes in their home country should not expect to find refuge in the U.S.," said Henry Lucero, a field office director in Arizona.......
TIME         California Lawyers Say President Trump's Sanctuary City Order Is a 'Gun to Your Head' 
Two California jurisdictions faced off with the Department of Justice in federal court over immigration on Friday. The city of San Francisco and county of Santa Clara attempted to get a preliminary injunction against President Trump's executive order that seeks to deprive sanctuary cities and states of federal funds, arguing that it is unconstitutional. -- It was the latest high-stakes tussle between local officials and the federal government over immigration policies that Trump has moved to make stricter since he took office --- policies that are deeply unpopular in the [illegal alien]-friendly Golden State.......
Boston Globe          Five arrested at Lawrence immigration office 
Employing a newly aggressive approach, federal immigration authorities arrested five people Wednesday at the Lawrence office of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, an office where immigrants can seek legal residency. -- The arrests alarmed immigrant advocates who said a law enforcement operation at a government office marks a shift from past practices and could have a chilling effect on immigrants who are taking steps to obtain lawful residency. -- “They respond to an interview that was scheduled by the government, they listen to the government, show up when they're supposed to, and they're arrested,” said Susan Church, chair of the New England chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. ......
El Paso Times        Shots fired near port of entry 
Luna County Sheriff's deputies were dispatched early Wednesday morning to Columbus, New Mexico, in reference to an armed man in the stockyard adjacent to the U.S. Port of Entry. -- According to the LCSO report, an armed male suspect was seen at the 8900 block of Plata Avenue and LCSO deputies were called in by Border Patrol agents when it was learned the male suspect was armed with a high-powered rifle. -- "Shot were fired," said Capt. Juan Martinez of the LSCO on Wednesday morning. "It is undetermined how many shot were fired, or where they were fired.......
Daily Caller    

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