Saturday, December 21, 2013

NEWS WITH VIEWS 12/21/2013

December 21, 2013
Rush Limbaugh: a Roosevelist in the closet?
But, contrary to comon belief, Communism is not the creation of Karl Marx. Actually, Moses Mordecai Marx Levy, a.k.a. Karl Marx, published his Communist Manifesto in 1848. But the Manifesto borrowed so heavily from Clinton Roosevelt's book The Science of Government Founded on Natural Law, published in 1841, which Marx found at the Reading Room of the British Museum, that it was close to a plagiarism.......
by Servando Gonzales
The Coming Battle
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Chicago Style Corruption In Grants Pass Oregon
I've lived in Grants Pass Oregon for 30 years. It's where I raised my family on blue-collar wages. I own a house and property and pay my taxes. I'm a good citizen. Why then, did FBI Special Agents visit my private shop today? Special Agent Jeffery Gray from the Medford, Oregon FBI office explained stated that the reason for the visit was that the FBI received an anonymous tip that I had threatened Grants Pass City Councilors. He refused to provide a single detail..........
by Former City Councilor Bob Anderson

Our devalued currency and war against the dollar Our devalued currency and war against the dollar. Protect your assets with the only real money - gold. Call Harvey Gordin at USA Gold Vault today - 602-228-8203.
Another Target for the Gay Lobby
The brouhaha over “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson is revealing the massive power of the homosexual lobby and their determination to destroy influential figures standing in the way of a forced acceptance of their lifestyle. Robertson, attacked for “anti-gay” comments in GQ Magazine that have been labeled by the “progressives” as “shocking,” has now been suspended from the program, the A&E Network’s biggest hit in history....
by Cliff Kincaid
The Mark of the Beast is Here, Part 10
The Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) can write a check for an unlimited amount of money to buy government bonds and the US Treasury prints the money to back up the check. UNBELIEVABLE… IT’S TRUE. Read National Geographic, January 1993, pg. 84. Go to the library and read the books exposing this SCAM. The Fed is a private bank for profit…just like any business. Check the Encyclopaedia Britannica or, easier yet, look in the 1992 Yellow Pages. The Fed is listed under COMMERCIAL BANKS, not.......
by Tom Horn

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