Tuesday, June 28, 2011


37 Things
You Should Hoard...

Dear Fellow Patriot,
This will be short and to the point (You need to read this message and I want to get you this information as fast as possible).
FEMA has ordered 420 million survival meals.
Why would they need a 7000% increase of survival meals?
Disasters have been pummeling the world over the past couple of months.  Maybe it’s the X-class solar flare that knocked out all of China’s communication back in February (“X” is NASA’s highest solar flare classification).

Or the reality that our fragile food supply chain could be knocked by just the threat of a disaster (even if it was just a false alarm)
Whatever the reason, it’s about time the Government woke up and started paying attention!
As your fellow American, I’m hoping you won’t put your faith in a system that is bound to fail, but that’s your choice.
Really there are 37 critical items that you can buy from the grocery store that can be the difference between life and death:

Damian Campbell
P.S.  Not trying to sound like a fear monger, but do you have enough food to get through a crisis?  Ask yourself if you’d be eating in a week if your food ran out today.  Check out these cheap 37 critical items now…


  1. too too long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get to the point quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The author is obviously out to only make money on this or else why the long winded redunant scare tactic saying the same things over and over again. Americans are not stupid, but some are gullible in listening to this blow-winded garbace. Comment 1 is correct - get to the point and list the food items.

  3. I agree with your assessment as to the length. I do not agree with "gullible." Pastor Lee

  4. Buying canned food is NOT the best idea. Brown rice, Quinoa, Lentils, Lima Beans, Whole wheat, nuts and seeds for fruit and vegetables are a better ideal. Canned food is usually so processed that there are hardly any nutrients or enzyme left for nutrition and digestion. James Roth, Florida

  5. We heard all this same garbage along with the same scare tactics back at Y2K. Remember? This squirrel is just another schemer.
    I'm a very conservative, blood bought born again Christian. This guy says he's a Christian. Maybe he is but ya know, he could sell this snake oil for half the price and really do some good. Me, I ain't buyin'.

  6. He always say's as christians. Well the bible say's god will provide for your needs. So much for faith.

  7. I know this much, we are nearly $16 Trillion in debt, the US has approximately $480 billion in gold reserves, not nearly enough to pay the debt with, and Obama continues to place us deeper in debt, as well as just restored the order where the government can if they know you are stock piling food and water take it from you, that was just passed recently, they keep printing money which is valueless with no backing, gun purchases by the people has risen in the last 2 years where Ruger cannot even keep up with the orders, also if you have even a trespassing charge even a charge before you were 18 you can not purchase a shotgun or hunting rifle since 2010 and I know this for a fact, I was denied. Obama and Hilary ar trying to stop US citizens their 2nd admendment rights, whether this guy is out to make money or not, fact is when awinter storm hits the store shelves go empty, so better be prepared for anything to happen, I do not trust a man running our country that states in his own words and his books...I will stand with the Muslims if the political winds change, a man who exempts all muslims from the healthcrap bill, as well as this government. You think times are bad now, let him get 4 more years, you can beleive this he does not plan to leave the white house, beleive what you want, I wouldnt trust this man as far as I could throw him, gives Brazil $2 billion to drill for oil in Brazil, gives a solar company $535 million afte been advised by his own not to, money is gone and no further investigations into that, I hear nothing about Pelosi $18,736 a month office rent on our tapayers dime, another $5 billion to 4 more solar companies, 2 buses costing $2.2 million and made in Canada, get real people our economy is falling fast and will continue to under this so called President, better stock up people before your dollar is worthless