Tuesday, June 28, 2011



Two-and-a-half years of Obamanomics has crippled the U.S. economy with massive deficit spending, high gas prices, a crumbling U.S. Dollar, high unemployment, increasing inflation, and a plunging real estate market. 

Our conservative politicians must stand up against the economy - destroying Leftist policies of the Obama Administration. Imagine what the next year-and-a-half has in store for the U.S. economy under President Obama if our socialist President gets his way! We are working diligently to support the existing conservative members of Congress so that they will not back down in the fight against the Obama Administration. 

You help is desperately needed now to combat against Obama and his Leftist cronies as they seek to further destroy the U.S. economy. Consider the economic free fall that has taken place under President Barack Obama and see why we have such a sense of urgency. 

When Barack Obama took office in January 2009, the U.S. deficit stood at $10.63 trillion, a huge number indeed. However, as of May 2011, that figure has jumped to $14.32 trillion - a 34.7% increase in just over two years! If the deficit were to grow at the same level for another two years under Obama, we would be looking at a deficit of nearly $20 trillion. 

To put this in perspective, today's U.S. deficit is equivalent to about $46,600 for every man, woman, and child in the United States.. Essentially, a family of four in America, in addition to their other debts, is carrying another $186,000 of national debt on their shoulders 

Do you think that the deficit figure will likely rise during the last 18 months of Obama's Administration if we don't act now to limit the damage? Surely, you realize that Obama is going to try to throw as much government money as he can towards the voters as the election nears. Our nation needs people like you who will not sit on their hands and hope their elected officials will not add to the deficit. Without your help now, Obama is sure to press for even more government spending of money that we do not have, so that he might be reelected. Please help us limit the economic damage of Obama, perhaps the most fiscally irresponsible President who we have ever had in the Oval Office. 

Please CLICK HERE to FAX every Member of the United States Congress to urge them not to further increase the deficit and to show fiscal responsibility so that the U.S. will not go bankrupt! 

Massive government deficits are only a small part of the economic woes brought on by his Administration.When Barack Obama took office he accused President George W. Bush of being a friend of Big Oil. At that time an average gallon of unleaded fuel stood at $1.81/gallon. As of late June, the nation-wide average was about $3.62/gallon - a 100% increase. We ask, "Who is really the friend of Big Oil?" 

This jump in gasoline price acts as a tax on many Americans, and everyone is seeing their bills increase due to fuel surcharges. Obama's utter failure to lead in the area of energy has cost Americans billions of dollars, dollars that could have been spent by consumers buying products and services and therefore employing more Americans in our factories, stores, and other places of business. 

A successful energy policy leads to successful economic policies, but we need your help now to combat against what Obama has in store for the U.S. economy during the last 18 months of his term in office. 

Please CLICK HERE to FAX every Member of the United States Congress to urge them not to further increase the deficit and to show fiscal responsibility so that the U.S. will not go bankrupt! 

We have had no real energy policy under President Obama, except to be beholden to the extreme far left environmentalists - now we've seen where that leads us - record gasoline and fuel prices. There is no sign that he is slowing down...please help to hold Obama accountable and to limit the economic damage he can cause before his term ends. 

The list of economic woes under this President seems to grow with every day and the lack of jobs in this country is among, if not the biggest, economic disaster under President Obama. The nation's unemployment rate has spiked to better than 10% at one time and still remains above 9%. Some groups have even worse numbers, as African-Americans, for example, currently have an unemployment rate of more than 16%. 

Bear in mind that these unemployment percentages, as bad as they are, DO NOT include those who have given up looking for work and have essentially moved out of the workforce. If these individuals are included,then the nation's unemployment rate rises to nearly 20%

For young people trying to enter the workforce for the first time under President Obama, the outlook is grim. The Economic Policy Institute stated, in a recent report, "...the class of 2011 will likely face the highest unemployment rate for young college graduates since the Great Recession began." 

Of course, the Obama economic resume also contains a destroyed U.S. Dollar, increasing inflation, and a real estate market that seems to hit new lows with each new report released. We are in an economic tailspin that must be stopped! 

Your generous support will help assure that Obama will face heavy pressure to not enact more wasteful government bailouts and so called "stimulus" during these next 18 months of his Presidency. 


Tony Adkins
Conservative Action Alerts 

P. S. Consumer spending accounts for nearly 70% of economic growth. Higher gas prices, inflating prices for food and other necessities, and crippling unemployment under Obama are constricting the ability for consumers to spend. Thanks to the Obama policies, Americans are extremely pessimistic about their economy and rightfully so. Simply put, it's bad out there in the U.S. economy. Will you hold Obama 

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