Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Grassfire Nation Update


Working with both the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement
(ICE) and elitist liberal Senators, President Obama is 
aggressively resurrecting the DREAM Act -- and if successful,
this amnesty nightmare will make its way to Nevada!

Fox News is reporting that Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) is holding
the first-ever Senate hearing today (Tuesday, June 28) on 
the DREAM Act, in an attempt to convince fellow members of
the Senate that ushering in widespread amnesty through the
DREAM Act will "make our country stronger."

Even worse, Obama and ICE Director John Morton have issued
expanded guidelines to ICE's Detention and Operations 
handbook that instruct agents to exercise discretion on a
case-by-case basis -- including NOT enforcing existing
immigration laws if the illegals committing minor crimes 
are enrolled in a school or have ties to the U.S. military!

         You've heard that right. In our President's
         zeal to do away with our borders, he is now ordering 
         ICE agents to look the other way!

Without question this is the most nefarious push for widespread
amnesty that we have ever seen -- and a cold slap in the 

+ + Emergency Petition Delivery to Sen. Dick Durbin

         Lee S, make no mistake, this is a well-planned
         effort to sneak amnesty into our country while 
         taxpayers are pre-occupied with our nation's 
         spending and debt crisis and the arrival of ObamaCare.

         Obama and his liberal cronies are betting that taxpayers
         won't have the strength or the fortitude to fight off 
         this latest and most aggressive amnesty wave.

Grassfire Nation is betting otherwise!

That's why we've launched a national "No Amnesty for Illegals"
petition that already has more than 243,744 signers!

As soon as we reach 300,000 signers we will deliver them 
DIRECTLY to Sen. Durbin and other key lawmakers in this 
debate -- letting them know that law-abiding U.S. citizens 
are in this amnesty fight to win it!

Having already signed this important petition, we 
are asking you to do two very important things right now:

+ +  Alert your Friends

Obama thinks he's pulling a fast one, and banking that 
taxpayers won't realize what he's done until it's too late. 
Sound the action alarm for your friends and family. Forward 
this message to 30-40 friends right now and urge them to 
click below to be represented in our upcoming petition 
delivery opposing the DREAM act.

Click here to sign:


+ +  Schedule your Personal Faxes of Outrage for Fast Delivery

In addition to signing our petition, we are asking key members
of our team to take the next step -- to convey a strong, 
no-nonsense, personal fax message to key lawmakers in the
amnesty debate -- including your two Senators and Representative.

Let them know that law-abiding U.S. citizens will always answer
the bell to protect our security and sovereignty!

Click here now, and Grassfire Nation will deliver your personal
fax message directly the key Senators in this debate:


Coupled with our massive grassroots petition delivery, our
Faxfire fax system can bury a Capitol Hill office beneath 
hundreds of fax messages -- each carrying a similar sentiment:

Don't allow Obama and Durbin to disrespect you, 
your family and your flag. Schedule your faxes for immediate
delivery by clicking below:


Thank you for standing with us.

Your friends at Grassfire Nation

P.S. Again, we must quickly reach 300,000 signers and are 
depending on you to help us rally your friends and family. 
Alert your friends, urging them to click below to sign:


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