Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Submitted and written by: Nancy Battle

Attn: Reince Priebus
Mr. Priebus,
It has come to allot of American's attention that in 1871 Our Original Constitution was 'high jacked' and the Sovereignty of the People of These United States of America became 'neutralized' and non-existent.  Our Republic was changed to a Corporation and it's allegiance was to The Crown, i.e. the English Banks.
Since this time of 1871, the Progressives have been working very diligently to change this Government from Capitalism to Socialism.  We are not a country of 'de jure laws' where the people of the United States have 'the power' but that of 'de facto laws' giving unlimited power to those who are destroying this country.
We elected men and women to go to Washington to represent, defend and protect us and believed that they took 'this Oath' sincerely and honestly.  We have unfortunately watched, in disbelief, that this was not the case!   All the American people, have been witnesses to, is the orchestrated destruction of not only our country but also Our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Pledge of Allegiance, the word of God being diluted and forgotten.  Our 'Rule Book' is being replaced by the Communist 'Manifesto!
Now, a man who has committed fraud, treason, embezzlement and was falsely admitted into our government as a President and who holds a dual citizenship, is being ALLOWED TO DISMANTLE THIS COUNTRY !!!
Everyone in Washington knows this, so both parties, Congress, Supreme Court Judges, Senate, the CIA, FBI, NSA, ATF, ARE ALL COMPLICIT IN THIS SCAM being perpetrated against the People of These United States of America!!  How can you ask for contributions when your party is 'one of the players' in THIS SCAM !!  We know 'how this game is played' and we refuse to be 'sheep' anymore contributing monies to assure that 'this Beast will continue to be fed!'
We need a 'clean slate' to occur before we can ever 'right this ship' back to that of A REPUBLIC OF, BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !
Nancy Battle

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