Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Dear Fellow Conservatives: 

I am very proud to announce the endorsement of State Treasurer Josh Mandelfor U.S. Senate in Ohio

This is the first Senate Conservatives Fund endorsement for the 2012 elections, and we're launching an all-out SCF Surgeto raise $100,000 for Josh Mandel's campaign before the end of the week. Please make a contribution today so he can defeat U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), the most liberal politician in the Senate.
Support Josh Mandel for U.S. Senate in Ohio
In the Republican primary race, Josh Mandel is the candidate favored by the grassroots. SCF members in Ohio are very excited about his candidacy and have urged us to support his Senate campaign. We're answering the call today, and we're going to do everything we can to help the people of Ohio elect a new senator who shares their values. 

Record of Results 

Josh Mandel is a true conservative with an impressive record of accomplishment. 

He served 8 years in the Marine Corps Reserves, 3 years as a city councilman, 4 years as a state legislator, and is currently the state treasurer in Ohio. 

Having served two tours in Iraq as a Marine intelligence specialist and having been elected to local and state offices in Ohio, there is no question that Josh Mandel has served his country and his state with honor and distinction.
VIDEO: Learn More About Josh Mandel
As city councilman, Josh Mandel led the fight for the first property tax rollback in his city's history. In the state legislature, he stood up to the teacher's unions to expand school choices for children with special needs. And as state treasurer, he has cut spending and is working to make state government more transparent. This is a remarkable young man who has accomplished more in the last 10 years than most senators accomplish in lifetime. 

I have personally gotten to know Josh over the past several months and our team has thoroughly reviewed his record. What we learned is that Josh and his wife, Ilana, are united in taking on this challenge for all the right reasons. We're confident that Josh Mandel has the courage to go to Washington and stand up to the big spenders in both political parties. 

This man is a leader and we need him in the United States Senate. 

Principled Conservative 

Josh Mandel is a full-spectrum conservative with a genuine commitment to the timeless American principles of limited government, a strong national defense, and traditional family values. 

Josh Mandel strongly supports all of the SCF policy goals. He supports the Balanced Budget Amendment, a ban on congressional earmarks, a ban on government bailouts, and the full repeal of President Obama's health care takeover. He is also 100% pro-life, supports traditional marriage, and will defend our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.
Support Josh Mandel for U.S. Senate in Ohio
If Josh Mandel is nominated by Republicans in Ohio to face Sherrod Brown next November, it will be one of the biggest political showdowns in the country. The race will pit a young conservative leader with the principles and determination to restore America's greatness against a liberal career politician who is responsible for near double-digit unemployment and over $14 trillion in debt. 

Consider the contrast:
  • Brown voted FOR the Wall Street bailout. Mandel opposes it.
  • Brown voted FOR the $787 billion stimulus bill. Mandel opposes it.
  • Brown voted FOR President Obama's government takeover of healthcare.Mandel wants to repeal it.
  • Brown voted FOR the Cash for Clunkers program. Mandel opposes it.
  • Brown voted for FOR union intimidation using "card check" elections.Mandel opposes card check.
  • Brown voted AGAINST permanent repeal of the death tax. Mandel supports full repeal.
  • Brown voted AGAINST the earmark moratorium. Mandel supports the ban.
  • Brown voted AGAINST defunding Planned Parenthood. Mandel supports defunding it.
  • Brown SUPPORTS cap-and-trade legislation that will destroy jobs. Mandel opposes it.
  • Brown SUPPORTS raising the debt limit. Mandel opposes it.
On issue after issue, the choice is clear. Josh Mandel fights for freedom while Sherrod Brown fights for dependency. 

SCF Fundraising Surge 

The second quarter reporting period ends this Thursday, June 30 at midnight. We need to launch Josh Mandel's campaign by raising as much money for him as possible over the next three days. 

Please make a secure, online contribution to Josh Mandel's campaign today, and help the Senate Conservatives Fund reach our goal of raising $100,000 before the second quarter deadline.
Support Josh Mandel for U.S. Senate in Ohio
When you make a contribution to Josh Mandel's campaign through the Senate Conservatives Fund, we pay all of processing fees so he gets 100 percent of your donation. He will also benefit from knowing that conservatives are standing with him in this fight for our nation's future. 

Thank you for your willingness to fight for America's future. Together, we can take America back. 


Jim DeMint
United States Senator
Chairman, Senate Conservatives Fund

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