Thursday, February 16, 2023


What—No Consequences?

Why wasn’t Garland impeached for this? Why wasn’t he fired? Is it just because the FBI has become nothing but a bunch of henchmen doing the Democrats’ dirty work for them? One hand washes the other?

By Lee Duigon

We Are Teaching Our Kids Violence In America

In a few words, I think our country is TOO big, TOO complicated, TOO fast, TOO multiculturalized, TOO crazy and going more insane by the day. And, as this system adds more human misery and humans without purpose or community connection…it can only worsen in the years ahead.

By Frosty Wooldridge

The Powers Not Delegated

You don’t need a state nullification bill for a thousand unconstitutional act of the federal government. Those acts have no force of law to begin with…there’s nothing to nullify. Mass non-compliance is all that is necessary, and not a single U.S. citizen has any legal, moral, or ethical duty to comply with any unconstitutional act of the federal government…or their state or local government for that matter.

By Lex Greene

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