Thursday, February 16, 2023



Senate Approves Judicial Nominee Who Refused To Disavow Racial Quotas

imageThe U.S. Senate on Feb. 13 advanced two of President Joe Biden's judicial nominees, including one who refused to disavow racial quotas. Republicans, however, have concerns about Cindy Chung due to her past comments on racial quotas and abortion.

Study: Half Of Americans Believe News Organizations Intend To Misinform

imageAmericans' distrust of the national news media continues, according to a recent study published by Gallup and the Knight Foundation. The results show that half of Americans believe national news organizations intend to mislead, misinform or "persuade the public to adopt a particular point of view through their reporting," says ABC News.

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Will Vigilante Justice Replace Corrupted Criminal Justice?

imageThe Constitution is our pact of civilized behavior. From it we've derived a system of institutionalized justice, which we call our criminal justice system. It's intended to include checks and balances to protect defendants from biases and ensure fair adjudication of their charges.

Doctors And Nurses Are Not Racists

imageDoctors and nurses are not racists. They're everyday heroes. But left-wing activists and their media allies, including The New York Times, blame health care workers for the poorer health outcomes of Black patients. That's a cheap shot and a lie.

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Man Threatened To Drive Into Kari Lake Rally: Police Report

imageA man threatened to drive his jeep into an Iowa venue where Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake was holding a rally several days ago, according to police. According to a police report from the Ankeny Police Department, a man described as "scruffy and big" was threatening the security of Lake at an address that she was attending.

Google To Launch Fresh Campaign Aimed At 'Prebunking' Alleged Disinformation

imageGoogle plans to announce a new social media campaign aimed at combating disinformation, according to a report from the Associated Press.

Bipartisan Senators Demand Answers Following Ohio Train Derailment

imageButtigieg has responded to criticism over the derailment by attempting to divert at least some of it to the former Trump administration, stating the Biden administration is "constrained by law on some areas of rail regulation," ...

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'Second Amendment Sanctuary' Ruling In Oregon Deals Blow To Gun Rights Ordinance

imageThe Oregon Court of Appeals set a national precedent Wednesday as it voided a controversial gun rights ordinance that claimed state and federal firearms regulations didn't apply in Columbia County.

Spy Balloons And UFOs: Has Biden Lost Control Of US Airspace?

imageAmericans are outraged that Joe Biden allowed a Chinese spy balloon to survey and monitor the entire country before it was shot down. Now, over the weekend, three unidentified flying objects were detected in controlled air and shot down. What is going on?

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