Thursday, February 16, 2023



Chinese Minister of Defense Refuses To Take Calls from Our Secretary of Defense

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The Democrats took a wrecking ball to America.

The Chinese Minister of Defense refuses calls from LLoyd Austin, our Secretary of Defense.

This shows how far our prestige has fallen since Joe Biden took office. ...

Young People Who Died Suddenly This Week

Where are the death toll counters on cable and broadcast news networks? Our young people are dropping dead and yet not one major media outlet will cover it. Instead, they will mock and smear the brave who refuse the deadly vaccine.

In 78 Years, ...

Muslim Students Force Minnesota College to Close Exhibition of Iranian-American Artists

Just like the Danish cartoons. You didn't think it would end there, did you? On the contrary, once the West caved on that, it opened the floodgates to oppression and censorship.

Another shameful, cowardly, crushing capitulation by an American ...

State-Mandated Suicide Proposed for Elderly Population; Hearing Reveals Weaponization of Government

A professor at Yale University has recommended that the elderly should take part in a “mass suicide” by disembowelment. This is how the left works. They use academia, then media to seed abhorrent ideas into the national landscape, norm them and ...

Four Russian Aircraft Intercepted by US Jets Over Alaska

The systemic perfidy of the Democrat regime has reached its nadir. Americans are facing crises on all fronts while being led by the most radical, anti-American, freaks and morons. There's a bad moon on the rise.

Sam Brinton (@sbrinton; ...

North Korea Launched Record Number of Missiles in 2022

Remember when the mainstream media mocked President Trump’s effective ‘peace through strength’ policies against North Korea? With the Biden Administration decimating America's deterrence, expect America’s adversaries to totally destabilize ...
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