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ConservativeHQ Exclusives:

Tucker Says Out Loud What We’ve Been Thinking: America is under attack.


By George Rasley, CHQ Editor

From our perspective these attacks bear all the hallmarks of the kind of domestic asymmetric warfare carried out by two overlapping Far Left terrorist movements – ANTIFA and anti-capitalist ecoterrorist cells. Both movements share a heavy presence in the American Northwest states of Oregon and Washington and are known to travel vast distances to participate in “direct action” riots, such as those in Atlanta's "cop city" where a police officer was shot and a terrorist was killed.


Call to Action: Senate Should Reject Far Left Radical FCC Nominee Gigi Sohn


By CHQ Staff

The Capitol Switchboard is (202) 224-3121 we urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Senators. Tell them you demand they oppose the nomination of Gigi Sohn and her plan to turn the FCC into a vehicle to impose Far-Left government censorship on the content broadcast over America's airwaves.

More From ConservativeHQ:

The Right Resistance: Senile Joe Biden can’t hide from his past to game the future on entitlements

By Jeffrey A. Rendall
Biden and his Democrat colleagues can’t run on what’s really happening in the country – much higher inflation, much higher interest rates, dwindling household savings, exploding credit card debt, a fentanyl crisis spurred by out-of-control illegal immigration and a non-existent border, Chinese spy balloons passing above unhindered, etc. – so they instead pick and choose one highly emotional issue and then pound it like Mohammad Ali on his opponents in his prime.

Growing Wave of Conservative Bills Frustrate Biden Plan to Allow Males to Compete in Women's Sports

By CHQ Staff
Eighteen states previously enacted laws designed to ban biological males from competing in female sports. In 12 more states, lawmakers recently have introduced bills designed to protect women’s sports. In Congress, Rep. Greg Steube recently introduced the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act. The bill, which now has 20 co-sponsors, would require that sex “be recognized based solely on a person's reproductive biology and genetics at birth.”

The Real National Debt Is $94.6 Trillion With Most Of It Owed To Social Security And Medicare

By CHQ Staff
The $31 trillion national debt that we hear bandied about is bad – but it’s not the real number. The real number is more like $94.6 trillion, and the discrepancy is found in a neat (or rather disgusting) bit of political slight-of-hand and propaganda.The “trust fund” supposedly filled with the surplus payroll tax revenues over the past two or three decades, sorry. Congress spent those payroll tax dollars on everything from Amtrak, to foreign aid, to the war in Iraq. There is no “trust fund.” That vault is empty.

The Right Resistance: Nikki Haley instantly became the slowest horse in the 2024 race

By Jeffrey A. Rendall
The news media will definitely make a big deal out of Nikki Haley entering the 2024 presidential race, if for nothing else, it gives them an excuse to talk more about Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. The future of the republic isn’t likely to be altered because of Haley’s move; she’s just another ambitious establishment pol without a reason.

GiveSendGo Fundraiser Launched for Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing

By Mark Fitzgibbons
A fundraiser at the crowdsource platform GiveSendGo has been launched for conservative super lawyers Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing. The goal is to raise $500,000 to cover legal fees and costs this popular husband and wife team have spent (so far) fighting the corrupt Joe Biden/Merrick Garland Deep State. They also need funds to pursue federal legal actions against multiple lawbreaking government officials and corrupt Leftwing private parties such as The 65 Project, a ”uniquely sinister element [seeking] to ruin the lives of conservative lawyers.”

No, They’re Not Space Aliens, It’s The Red Chinese Probing Our Defenses

By George Rasley, CHQ Editor
The Biden administration has steadfastly refused to attribute the incursions to Red China. Administration officials claim they do not know what the objects were, much less their purpose or who sent them. The balloon incursion should be the perfect cause célèbre to rally American public opinion behind a campaign to get tough on the existential threat Red China poses to our sovereignty and way of life.

Today's Headlines:
Nobody Believes John Kirby and Karine Jean-Pierre

Scott McKay, The American Spectator

Nobody believes John Kirby and Karine Jean-Pierre when they make assurances about these objects being shot down solely because they threaten commercial aviation. That isn’t an assertion that China is preparing an EMP strike using a balloon, or that they’re going to drop viruses on us or flood our water supply with fentanyl, or any of the other dramatic theories making their way around the World Wide Web. It’s simply an observation of facts.

Accountability Time Is Coming for Mainstream Media's Russiagate Disgrace, but Is It Too Late?

Mark Tapscott, PJ Media

Jeff Gerth's recent four-part series — The Press Versus the President — in the Columbia Journalism Review provides an in-depth, air-tight indictment of media malpractice that dishonors genuine journalists and journalism, from 2016 to the present. It’s almost impossible to summarize in a few sentences the magnitude of the failure of journalism in covering former President Trump and the multiple allegations that became known as “Russiagate.

Republican Lawmakers See Balloon as ‘Wake up Call’ for Americans on Chinese Surveillance

Ryan Morgan and Steve Lance, The Epoch Times

Republican lawmakers said the Chinese high-altitude balloon’s recent passage over the United States was a chance to raise awareness in America about the prevalence of China’s surveillance efforts. “This balloon episode can have a silver lining, and that silver lining is that I hope this is a wake-up call for all of American society and across our government that we are undergoing a tidal wave of Chinese espionage,” said FL Rep. Mike Waltz.

Haley, Trump, and a GOP race like no other
Byron York, Washington Examiner

Haley's move makes the 2024 Republican presidential primary race a multicandidate race, with the South Carolinian likely to be joined by others. The lesson here is simple. Having been president does not mean a former president can win the office again. In fact, there have been six attempts, with one success. Now, with Haley's entry, the Republican primary race is truly underway, and we'll see whether Trump has the ability to make history.
What if Federal Workers Never Showed Up for Work and No One Missed Them?
Stephen Moore, CNS News

Maybe we've learned a valuable lesson here. Maybe these agencies aren't as indispensable as Biden says they are. A budget impasse between Biden and congressional Republicans may lead to a temporary shutdown of some of these agencies. How could that be Armageddon if we don't even know when the workers are on the job? Maybe we could cut the federal workforce in half from 2 to 1 million employees. My best guess is nobody would notice or care.

Evers Looks to Freeze Wisconsin’s Popular School Choice Program in Latest Budget
M.D. Kittle, The Star News Network
Governor Tony Evers is getting pushback for his latest plan to freeze out Wisconsin’s popular parental school choice program. The Democrat is proposing to freeze enrollment in the private school choice program beginning in the 2024-25 school year at 2023-24 levels. Evers asserts his plan would “allow families continued access to private schools while affirming the state’s commitment to robust funding for Wisconsin’s excellent public schools.”

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