Thursday, February 16, 2023


Jackie Juntti submits:

 I've watched the ongoing, and getting worse, reporting on the so called "Homeless problem" for several years  and the MONEY that has been and is planned to be spent to *house* them.


I have a solution that costs less in the long run and gets them off the streets.


The State should purchase a large piece of acreage - a hundred or more acres - and securely fence it.  Provide a watering station and some outhouses.  When clearing out the current *camps* give them the opportunity to go to housing (with no drugs or booze) and if they refuse then they are transported to the State CAMP where they stay until they clean up their acts (drugs and alcohol).  No more sending in 'helpers' as these people don't want help  they just want to keep doing their thing and not be decent citizens.  They can wallow in their filth and rotten life but won't be able to leave the CAMP as it will be enclosed by a guarded gate.  In order to get out they have to clean up their act on their own to prove they really intend to become contributing citizens instead of the bums they are now.  This property wouldn't be a state prison but it would retain (restrain) these people from being a threat to decent citizens.


This would have an initial cost but in the long run the expenses now incurred in dealing with these so called *homeless* people would disappear as the word gets out that either straighten up your life or go to the CAMP.  No more molly coddling the lazy addicts.  Punishment goes a long way in reversing bad behavior when it is quickly applied and enforced.


When one of them tries to set up their tents out of the CAMP they are immediately arrested and transported to  the CAMP.  These CAMPS would not have any buildings - they are simply open land where these homeless can legally set up their tents - less expense for the tax payers.


Once they run out of their illegal drugs and can't rob passers by they will begin to rethink their lifestyle.


Pampering only increases the BAD LIFE STYLES. When a child misbehaves you don't give the child a cookie or a treat - you PUNISH the child so they won't repeat the bad behavior.  If they do repeat then the punishment has to be harder to ignore.



Jackie Juntti

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