Monday, March 12, 2018


Submitted by: P McMillan

The horrific looking lineup of those Democrats who will probably run against Trump in 2020 is comparable to the bar scene in the first Star Wars movie in which utterly grotesque aliens were shown drinking at the bar. Don’t believe me? Here’s a partial list:

Joe Biden

The clown prince of the Democrat Party who has gone way past his “use by” date. His shtick and gaffs are only funny to those Democrats who want a piece of the power pie he might get, and his idiocies are not funny at all if you care about leadership and America.

Elizabeth Warren

Honest Injun’ has about as much integrity as a used car salesman. She wants to dismantle every financial services firm within 12,500 miles of her teepee and has established a war council to wage holy war, take the scalps  of the occupying white man, and tomahawk the capitalist economic system that has made the U.S. and the world economically prosperous for many billions of people over 500 years. There is no proof historically and from the Cherokee Nation that she has Native American heritage. So, Liz, fold your teepee and put it in your attic.

Bernie Sanders

The socialist candidate who is really a communist but lives like a capitalist. The loan that his wife received for a college she was the head of was based on questionable data and may bring him and her down. Of course, he can always blame the capitalist pigs for conspiring against him. Who in his right mind would spend his honeymoon in Yaroslavl in the U.S.S.R., 160 miles northeast of Moscow?  Only a deluded communist, that’s who. The word phony doesn’t even begin to describe his hypocrisy and duplicity and the fact that he is surreptitiously part of the one percent while hypocritically riling against that one percent.

Andrew Cuomo

The governor of New York has some splainin’ to do regarding numerous scandals on his watch in the cesspool known as the Albany state government, including a sexual harassment federal lawsuit involving Sam Hoyt, Cuomo confidante and  head of the Empire State Development Corporation, a post that Andy appointed Sam to in 2011. Oh, and by the way, Andy is also named in that lawsuit. Trading  on your father’s tarnished legacy as governor (even leftist journalist and long-time friend Jimmy Breslin upbraided Mario in a scathing column about his lack of leadership as governor), your own tarnished record as governor, and your ethnic heritage doesn’t cut it these days with the elitist and pretentious secular progressives. If Andy was a woman or Hispanic or African American, he would have way more cache in the Democrat Party rather than being a white, Italian-American male,  and the son of a long ago rising star for the Democrats who crapped out and dissed his political party by not running for president.

Oprah Winfrey

God has not indicated to her whether she should run or not, so we are waiting breathlessly on the Lord’s decision. Anyway, while we wait, here are a few things that Oprah hypocritically has lectured us about:
—I tell you about marriage but have not  committed to being married.
—I am the spokesperson for Weight Watchers but can’t control my weight.
—I tell you how to raise your kids but don’t have any.
—I lecture you about racism but 90% of the schedule on my OWN TV network are all African American.
—I support the Me Too movement even though I knew about Harvey Weinstein.
—I tell the gullible that Christianity and Islam are "sister religions".

And last but not least in the list of grotesque alien creatures who are probable Democrat presidential candidates in 2020 is:

Hillary Rodham Clinton
She’s back! With a new pantsuit wardrobe and a brand new narrative about the continuing right wing conspiracy determined to bring her and her ex-President consort down, she will foul the footpath once again. She and her husband and her family and their hangers-on are so reminiscent of the evil Borgias of Renaissance Italy. The only exceptions are that Lucrezia Borgia used poison as an effective weapon instead of fraud, negligence, tainted money, and lies, as Hillary does, to eliminate opponents. And Lucrezia was a hell of a lot prettier than Hill. Candidate Hillary will inevitably screech about the Russian collusion of the Donald, a tactic that is beyond chutzpah and dripping with outrageous irony.

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