Monday, March 12, 2018


SHOCKING! Country music star collapses on stage
A country music legend cut his performance short in Ireland after he suddenly collapsed on stage Sunday -- and his wife addressed the crowd after. Here's what she said. Read More 
(1) Message For Arthritis Sufferers ONLY
[Sponsored] If you're wincing in pain RIGHT NOW, then this 26-second solution IS for you. It's a brand-new fast-acting "spray on" solution researched by German doctors. Skeptical? Click here to see what Harvard Medical School has to say... 
Trump DESTROYS the mainstream media (must see video)
During the Pennsylvania rally on Saturday, Trump threw some zingers at the mainstream media -- and the crowd LOVED it. See Trump imitate the type of president liberals want and then VOTE if you want Trump to act more "presidential." Read More 
Elizabeth Warren HATED this weekend (Trump's fault!)
Elizabeth Warren had a miserable weekend -- and Donald Trump voters were behind it all. Here's why Warren had her Saturday and Sunday ruined by conservatives.
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