Monday, March 12, 2018

GELLER REPORT 03/12/2018

Today's Headlines

UK: Up to 1,000 children as young as 11 were drugged, beaten and raped by Muslim rape gangs in Telford over 40 YEARS

A brutal sex gang raped as many as 1,000 young girls over 40 years in what may be Britain's 'worst ever' child abuse scandal.

Pigs flying: Washington Post calls out Muslim Brotherhood Congressman Ellison’s lies about his ties to Farrakhan

"Ellison is trying to have it both ways, publicly distancing himself while privately doing something else."

Video: California coffee shop will not serve cops, citing ‘physical and emotional safety’ concerns

Hasta Muerte Coffee in Oakland, California, has a controversial policy concerning police officers: The shop won’t serve them.

Video: Migrant orders Swedish woman to give up her subway seat

A visibly angry migrant orders a Swedish woman to give up her seat on the Stockholm subway, obviously since he wants the seat for himself.

The Trump effect: Honduras, Paraguay ‘ready in principle’ to relocate embassies to Jerusalem

Paraguay and Honduras said they are both ready “in principle” to relocate their embassies to Jerusalem, on the condition that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu makes an official visit to their country, Army Radio reported on Sunday quoting a “senior Israeli diplomatic source."

Dutch Muslim party won’t join Amsterdam coalition against anti-Semitism

A political movement representing Dutch Muslims distinguished itself from nearly all of the capital’s other parties when it refused to sign a document condemning anti-Semitism.

Trial of Orlando Pulse nightclub jihad killer’s wife: Jurors asked what they think of Muslims and Islam

Some jurors were asked what they think about Muslims and Islam, and whether their views on the religion will impact their ability to judge Salman fairly.

Missouri Muslima pleads guilty to threatening FBI and supporting ISIS through Twitter

A woman from Buffalo has admitted to sending threatening tweets to FBI employees and former military members on behalf of ISIS.

Video: Vehicular jihad in Israel as Muslim injures two soldiers and a Border Policeman by ramming them with his car

Police noted that the driver tried to run over police officers and soldiers in several arenas deliberately.

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