Monday, March 12, 2018

Abolishing ICE Is A Democrat 2020 Issue

Submitted by: Larry Jordan and P McMillan

Abolishing ICE Is A Democrat 2020 Issue | The Daily Caller

I’m listing two sources ... I didn’t make up these headlines. 

After Hillary’s defeat in 2016, the Democrat party was going to evaluate What Happened?  — the title of her book on what happened to cause her to lose. Eliminating ICE enforcement and not deporting illegal aliens is not what 70+ percent of American voters want. A huge reason Hillary lost.

Hillary Clinton Vows To Push Amnesty In First 100 Days
23 May 2016

Democrats Announce They Will Abolish ICE If They Win 2020 Election
White House Fairness Polls Show Huge Support For Trump’s Immigration Priorities 
Neil Munro   |   9 Oct 2017

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