Monday, March 12, 2018


Submitted by: Roger Ogden and Kathy Hawkins

Obama started the national sanctuary policy to concentrate on illegal aliens, who have committed serious crimes for detainment and deportation.  Trump continued Obama's policy, though it may be a little less forgiving than Obama's policy was.   This woman apparently fits in one of the narrow groups which Trump has deemed to be deport-able.  This must NOT become the permanent standard for our immigration policy.  If most illegal aliens, who have not committed a crime and have no criminal record other than being here illegally feel safe, then it just invites millions more to come and it defeats the purpose of our immigration law.   We have no real control over who comes to our country under this standard.  I personally think Trump broke the law by continuing the Obama policy.  At least it is against the original intent of the law.  Last year's ICE report showed that Trump is NOT deporting significantly more illegal aliens from the interior than Obama did.  

All Americans should be proud that CBP is deporting people like this woman.  They should be deporting more and also deporting random illegal aliens, not just criminals.  People like this woman are working to destroy our national sovereignty.  She can take her kids with her.  It is not cruel to deport illegals back to their home country.  Most of them love their home countries.  Especially many Mexicans want the US to be more like their home country and think they have a right to be here illegally.  They will have a great time going home again.  Tell Trump he needs to enforce the law and start deporting all of them, not just selected narrow classes of illegals.  Generally, they break multiple laws to come here and stay.  Mass illegal immigration has caused a nationwide criminal network to be formed to support the needs of illegal aliens.  This woman was a part of it.  Good riddance!

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