Monday, November 13, 2017


Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown took a page out of Hillary's playbook to call out his opponent Marine Josh Mandel and his supporters deplorable. We must answer his smears and defeat this Senator.  

Sherrod Brown is a desperate politician who has accomplished little if anything while constantly being invited on CNN and MSNBC to attack President Trump and the GOP.
His latest appearance included calling Republicans racist and deplorable.
He doubled down after the show, so obviously he learned nothing from Hillary and thinks it's a winning strategy to call Trump voters racist. But a Marine who served the nation deplorable? Sherrod Brown seems to think so. 
Sherrod Brown: I won't apologize for calling Trump advisers racist
The White House blasted Sen. Sherrod Brown over his commentsSunday that a top adviser to President Trump is a white supremacist and other staffers are sympathetic to such hate groups.
Brown’s remarks came in an interview on Sunday with CNN... who had said the White House “is full of white supremacists.”
The Ohio Democrat said that Steve Bannon, a former high-level adviser to Trump, “is a white supremacist and Stephen Miller seems to be, and I know that studies have shown that they have their allies sprinkled around the White House and all over America, people who voted for these guys.
No doubt Sherrod Brown is raking in campaign money from leftists who agree with him. He sent out emails to supporters bragging about his CNN interview and his "courage" to call conservatives racist!
This race is so important because Marine Josh Mandel can help Republicans completely take over Ohio.
We know that winning in Ohio and the Rust Belt is important to keeping the House and Senate and eventually a second term for President Trump.
Sherrod Brown knows without money from radical leftists he has no chance to keep his seat. And he believes his best way to raise money is to call anyone associated with President Trump a white supremacist.
Josh Mandel is a conservative fighter who not only served two combat tours as a Marine but as State Treasurer has improved Ohio's budget and finances. 
Ohio went from 46th to 1st in fiscal transparency and climbed out of a $8 billion budget shortfall under his leadership. Mandel sets goals and achieves them.
That's why Democrats are scared of his candidacy and know they must smear him with all they have. 

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