Monday, November 13, 2017


Biden Blasts Gun Carried By Man Who Shot Texas Church Murderer: "Shouldn't Be Carrying That Kind Of Gun"
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Today's Articles

The Real Colluder: Hillary Clinton In "Talks" To Purchase More Anti-Trump Disinformation From The Russians 
Roy Moore Readies Lawsuit Against Washington Post 
Hey You Self-Righteous Democrats & Republicans, Why Aren't You Demanding Senator Bob Menendez Step Aside? 
UK & UN Are Discriminating Against Christians & Other Non-Muslims In Their Refugee Programs 
North Korean Soldier Shot By Former Comrades While Defecting To South Korea 
As Robert Spencer Gets Blasted, Stanford Hosts Son & Supporter of “Palestinian” Jihad Murderer & Supporter of 9/11 Jihad Attacks 
Russia Considers Designating CNN, Voice Of America As Foreign Agents 
Young California Mother Threatened With Arrest At A Bus Stop For Not Vaccinating Her Children 
The Earth Shook As Two Massive Earthquakes Strike: ‘There Are Still People Under The Rubble’ 
This Is What A Pre-Crash Market Looks Like 
UK: Muslim Labour Candidate: Teachers “Brainwashing Us & Our Children Into Thinking The Bad Guy Was Hitler” 
America is a “Free Speech Zone” - Except in Government Meetings 
Just How Free Are You Really? 
The 'Not So Much' Hollywood Sex Scandals 
Pro-ISIS Hackers Hijack 800 US Schools’ Sites With Saddam Hussein Photo, ‘I Love Islamic State’ Message 

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