Monday, November 13, 2017


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Jew-hating jihadi professor @HatemBazian spreading this blatantly anti-Semitic meme @UCBerkeley ‏

Geller Report readers are long familiar with the Jew-hating jihadi Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian. UC Berkeley, where pro-Israel, pro-freedom voices like mine are blacklisted and banned while bigoted haters like Hatem Bazian teach. Bazian uses his class assignments to indoctrinate students to oppose criticism of jihad terror and the brutal sharia.

Erdogan: The term ‘moderate Islam’ aims to weaken the religion

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan lashed out at the term "moderate Islam" on Friday, saying the term's only aim is to weaken the religion itself rather than distance it from extremists.

VIDEOS and PHOTOS: DNAinfo/Gothamist Rally After Shutdown by CEO: Union Busting or Free Enterprise?

Is Joe Ricketts guilty of union busting? Does a business owner have the right to CHOOSE how he spends his capital? Should union thuggery be legal?

ISIS threatens to target children in jihad propaganda featuring Eiffel Tower ahead of anniversary of 2015 Paris jihad massacres

ISIS is threatening terror attacks on France in a chilling propaganda poster released ahead of the anniversary of November 2015 Paris massacres.
The poster shows the Eiffel Tower merged with a rifle, and urges supporters to carry out lone-wolf attacks on the West.

UK government and UN are discriminating against Christians and other non-Muslims in their refugee programs

THE UK government and the UN are discriminating against Christians and other minorities in their refugee programmes according to new Home Office statistics

20,000 Muslims Burn Down Hindu Village

Why? Because of a rumor that someone had insulted Mohammed. The same reason leftwing elites blamed me for the multiple Muslim assassination attempts on my life. Read the story here.

Indonesia: ISIS raising money through WhatsApp, Twitter, Bitcoin and PayPal

“Terror groups now call for donations through social media [and messaging platforms] such as WhatsApp groups or Twitter,” said Kiagus Ahmad Badarudin, chairman of the PPATK. “Bitcoin and PayPal are also used to move their money.”

Muslim Migrant Arrested for Raping Pony in German Kid’s Zoo

Like the Muslim gang rape of the donkey...

Germany: Persecution of Christians by Muslim Migrants Moves from Asylum Homes to the Streets

After several reports showed that Christians were being systematically persecuted in German asylum homes, the problem has now moved from the homes to the streets.

France: Jihad terror plotters include 65-year-old former Legionnaire who converted to Islam

"They are young people between 18 and 28 years old, except one of them, Frederic Renet, 65 years old, former legionnaire converted to radical Islam."

Prince Charles blames “foreign Jews” for Middle East turmoil in 1986 letter, calls on US to “take on the Jewish lobby”

Prince Charles has come under fire after it came to light that he blamed the “influx of foreign Jews” for causing unrest in the Middle East and called on the US to “take on the Jewish lobby” in a letter penned in 1986.

Islam in France: Christmas market on the Champs-Elysees CANCELLED

Islam in Europe. The famous Christmas market on the Champs-Elysees is being cancelled. Located on the most famous avenue in Paris, the Champs-Elysées Christmas market attracts thousand of visitors each year.

WATCH VIDEO: New REVIEW of Pamela Geller’s FATWA: Hunted in America

Here are Dale Brown's thoughts on my new book Fatwa, Hunted in America. Watch.

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