Monday, November 13, 2017

CONSTITUTION 11/13/2017 NYT CALLING FOR RACISM! (How insane are they?)

New York Times Advocates Childhood Racism and Segregation in America

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Establishment RINO’s Push Hard on Moore Witch Hunt as Swamp Drains

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Antifa Agitator Had Horrid, Unsanitary Idea for New Explosive Devices

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Google Now in Hot Water in Missouri As Attorney General Gets Serious 
NFL’s Desperation Peaks With Calls For INSANE “Nuclear Option” 
Democratic Congressional Candidate Jailed After Disturbing Allegations 
Keurig Coffee Company Forced to Apologize After Getting Political 
Defecting North Korean Soldier Gets Nasty Surprise Crossing DMZ 
What’s the Point? 
Meet the Three NFL Players who Knelt During games on Veteran’s Day Weekend 
How Bill Clinton Paved the Way for Roy Moore 
Trouble finds Roy Moore 
The California NAACP should be Ashamed 

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Politics, Sexual Harassment, and the Truth 
Identifying The REAL Battles Facing America Today! 
News You Can Use for November 13, 2017 
Professor Tells the Radical Left Where to Put Their Pronoun Nonsense 
Hollywood Completely Ignores Pedophilia, Assault Reality at Emmy Event 
British Teacher First Victim of Gender Gestapo in Phony Pronoun Blitzkrieg
President Trump says “Haters and Fools” Holding Us Back! 
News You Can Use for November 12, 2017 
Democratic Operative at The Center of Roy Moore Scandal Exposed! 
Punishment Revealed for Statue Thugs…You Are NOT Going to Like It 
Mainstream Media’s Roy Moore Hit Piece Fails Miserably on Live TV 
Watchdog Group Seems to have Exaggerated Key Claims in their Anti-Trump Lawsuit 
How Trump’s Doing on the Top 10 Reasons I Voted for Him 
News You Can Use for November 11, 2017 
Is President Trump Secretly Ready to Squash Scientology? 

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