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The Future Of the World Lies With Russia.
Just Like JFK, Putin Goes His Own Way...
“Through Russia comes the hope of the world. Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism — no! But freedom — freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized; yet out of Russia
comes again the hope of the world.”
~ Edgar Cayce

Vladimir Putin, The Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis, Also Known As: (AAA)

First, it is critical to understand that it is NOT just Putin the man who they’re afraid of.
It is not even Russia as a nation, that scares the living daylights out of the AAA. It is
the FORCE behind Putin which they have not seen occupy a major political office
since John F. Kennedy.
Surely, the AAA must wonder how they all got so tricked into
believing that Putin was one of them in the first place. He was, after all, a KGB functionary
with all the right credentials to be trusted to play their game, only their way, all the time.
However, just like JFK back in the early ’60s, once Putin saw exactly how the AAA game was being played on the people — EVERYWHERE — he flipped on them and has never looked 
back. Because his predecessor Boris Yeltsin,who assisted the Russian oligarchs in the plundering, pillaging and raping of the Russian motherland, gave his firm blessing to Putin as political heir, no one ever thought Putin would perform such a ‘radical’ 180° turnaround.
In both the formulation of state policy and administration of the federal government he set about the process of taking back Russia from those who misappropriated her wealth. So dramatic was his conversion against the rapacious oligarchy, that he is now spoken of as a veritable reincarnation of Peter the Great, who also saved Russia from enemies both within and without.
President Putin’s close alignment with the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church — His Holiness Patriarch Kirill – has become the cause for the deeply religious and traditional people of Russia to become enamored with him. His socially conservative agenda is much more in sync with Russian sensibilities as it is protective of a refined culture that is at odds with the permissiveness of an ever-coarsening Western society. In this particular area of divergence, Putin’s Russia has served as a countervailing force to the AAA modus operandi of sewing seeds of social chaos and political disorder wherever they set their sights.  The propagation of overly permissive societal norms is their signature strategy in this regard, which Putin repeatedly bumps up against.

It is significant to point out that the Russia that Yeltsin inherited was one that the thoroughly
corrupt oligarchs were promised. In other words, the emancipation from Communism only
came with the understanding that the Russian oligarchs would be permitted to steal the nation’s assets — natural resources, industrial plants and whatever else they could get their hands on. This little known fact is why Boris Yeltsin freely admitted at the end of his career to some historic mistakes, especially those related to the systematic transfer of Russian wealth to those now infamous oligarchs.

He knew that it was the key to Russia’s eventual freedom from those Western
powers which were integral to orchestrating the fall of the Berlin Wall in a
relatively orderly manner.

History has now shown us that Boris Yeltsin had great foresight in his choice of Vladimir Putin as Prime Minister. His final words to Putin in his capacity as President were:“Take care of Russia.” They have likewise been translated as “Protect Russia.”
In Putin was the perfect vessel found to ensure that Boris Yeltsin’s last wish would be honored. Putin himself uttered the following words a couple of days prior to Boris Yeltsin’s funeral.
Of course doing so meant that the oligarchs either went to prison or into exile.
“We will do everything we can to ensure that the memory of Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, his noble thoughts and his words‘take care of Russia’serve as a moral and political benchmark for us,”[3] Which is exactly what Putin set about to do, regardless of Western reaction and/or threats from all the usual suspects.
Putin would not, under any circumstances, allow predatory
capitalists to destroy Russia. He quite deliberately — under cover of “national security” —
initiated all of the necessary legal process and governmental procedure to reclaim that which had been stolen from the Russian people. This particular tact was especially effective, and foolproof, since the AAA has used the same pretext to take over nations large and small for centuries. Nevertheless, the West could only recoil in utter shock that a President would actually protect his nation in this fashion. That Putin put the interests of Russia and its citizenry before the bankers … and the industrialists … and the powerful oligarchs, was seen as the ultimate betrayal!  After all, his actions ran counter to
the back room deal that was cut by the real power-brokers who negotiated the
“fall of the Wall”. Communism was to be eradicated ONLY if the oligarchs were
granted unfettered access to Russia’s wealth
. And so they were … … … for the
time being.

Little did anyone know that Boris Yeltsin — and especially Vladimir Putin later on — tricked
them all. Unfortunately, such a benevolent deception ultimately took a great toll on Yeltsin’s
health in the form of death by heart disease. As an extremely patriotic and self-sacrificing Russian leader, Boris Yeltsin knew that he had to play 'nice' with the Western leaders (and
their oligarch agents) if the nation was to be liberated from their predatory claws. In the end
he did a superlative job, particularly in ensuring a smooth transition to Putin upon whom fell
the weight of the benign double-cross.

The main reason Vladimir Putin is so despised by the Western Powers is because he totally tricked them for the benefit of the Russia people.

No one understands Russian history of the 20th century better than the justifiably resentful
citizens of the USSR. These folks suffered great trials and tribulations at the hands of
Communist thugs who were put into power by Western bankers and the Anglo-American
political class. They know exactly what happened to their motherland in the wake of the
totally fraudulent Bolshevik Revolution. They also know precisely who was responsible for
such a catastrophic social, economic and political cataclysm.

Only by understanding the temperament of those Russian peoples who lived through the
disaster of Communism, which was foisted on them by foreign agents with a
surreptitious agenda, will the forces that stand behind Putin be correctly understood. In this
regard, it is not Putin, the President, that the Western Powers are dealing with. It is a proud and patriotic Russian movement that sprang up with the awareness that the Anglo-American Axis was responsible for their lost century.
This truth cannot be erased from history by airbrushing a few internet sites which are controlled by the CIA. Nor can the many odious and
therefore inconvenient historical facts be eradicated from the Russian psyche when so much pain and suffering was caused to so many.
“It has been said that the Russian steppes has born many a philosopher. That great expanse of land runs on seemingly forever with wide open sky and unbroken winds that stir the soul, to know the truth …and nothing but the Truth!"
Truly, the forces which support Putin in his quest for genuine national sovereignty are much
greater than any US President or UK Prime Minister, NATO Supreme Allied Commander or European Union Leader. In fact the power behind Vladimir Putin is Russia herself, a force quite determined not to be held prisoner by the Anglo-American Axis (AAA) ever again. And no amount of saber-rattling by Washington, or economic terrorism by the European Union, or financial sabotage from the City of London will alter that determination.
Nuclear Weapons Have a Way Of Serving As The Great Equalizer.

Unlike every other country that has recently fallen to naked Anglo-American aggression,
Russia had substantially developed much nuclear weapon technology during the Cold War.
Little did the West ever imagine that Russia would then use the prospect of not only nuclear
weapon technology, but also far more advanced and destructive weaponry which has never
been utilized before on Planet Earth, as as a powerful deterrent to unprovoked Anglo-
American Axis acts of war.
Nor did the same Western predatory capitalists ever dream that the richest man in Russia — Mikhail Khodorkovsky — would be imprisoned for 10 years. Being their point man for the
further looting of Russia’s oil and gas reserves and related assets, the whole misguided AAA scheme went completely bust!
However, once the oligarchs were stripped of their power, money and influence, all the West could rely upon was brute force, as they continue to exercise with extraordinary savagery in places like the Ukraine.
To intimidate and threaten, coerce and extort, is all the Anglo-American Axis knows how to do these days, so successful have these tactics been in subjugating completely powerless and/or defenseless nations around the world for many decades.

Nevertheless, now that the Russian Federation has reassessed their nuclear weapons
capability and redeployed critical assets on their western border, their tactical response and strategic preparedness have never been better. While this particular state of affairs poses a 
great obstacle to the AAA’s long range plan toward a New World ‘Order’, Russia and the evergrowing BRICS Alliance present an even greater challenge to their fatally flawed implementation plan.
Russia’s Demand For Respect Of National Sovereignty Is Representative Of A Much Larger Worldwide Movement.

Russia is not only joined by the BRICS Alliance in its efforts to level the global playing field, it is also supported by many other nations near and far, Hungary being one that has broken
ranks with the European Union. Certainly the broke and bankrupted Anglo-American
Axis has its job cut out when going up against a growing number of countries that will no
longer be treated like stepchildren. When nations like China and Russia, India and Brazil,
South Africa and Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador, publicly express their misgivings with
American hegemony, the whole world pays close attention. Therein lies the real power behind Vladimir Putin.
History books will one day show that the world community of nations rallied around the
moral high ground taken by Vladimir Putin in the second decade of the new millennium. Not
only do the Russian people fully support their president, but the vast populations of China,
India, and many other nations stand solidly behind their leaders against the incessant
meddling by the Anglo-American Axis. The pervasiveness of the internet has simply made it
too easy to share what is REALLY going on around the world, especially when the AAA is
working so vigorously against the interests of common people everywhere.
Vladimir Putin, no matter what intrigues and machinations are set in motion to disrupt his best intentions, has been found out by his own people.
They know that he has done his level best to protect Russia. They also know that, in his resolve to take care of the Russian people, he also considers the best interests of citizens of every nation, including those which relentlessly antagonize Russia and persecute him at every opportunity.
This extraordinary posture is not only quite rare among world leaders today, it is an admirable quality in any age, which is just another reason why they so detest Vladimir Putin’s wise and enlightened leadership.
“Take care of Russia” literally became Putin’s “moral and political benchmark”
Only by divine ordination does a KGB lieutenant colonel wind up fulfilling the last wishes of
his predecessor serving alternately as both President and Prime Minister of Russia.
Because Vladimir Putin took that presidential directive so seriously, however, he now sits in the crosshairs of the most formidable military machine and economic juggernaut on Earth.

However, in stark contrast to JFK’s short tenure which took place in the very belly of the
beast, Putin has an unparalleled firewall of protection erected around him. He knew that if
Boris Yeltsin’s final wish was to be carried out, he and his collaborators would have to be
protected from harm.
The AAA team, after all, never plays nice and always breaks the rules.
In light of Putin’s perceived reneging on a contract that was essentially agreed to by his
predecessors, there existed NO moral imperative for him to abide by such an illegal and
unethical agreement. On the very face of it, he could have been rightfully accused of treason
of the highest order, had he complied with the demands of the AAA.
Only a traitor would perform on such an outrageous contract, so Putin knew that both the law and the people would be on his side once he flipped on the oligarchs and their Western sponsors!

Nevertheless, doing so has brought the wrath of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group upon himself and Russia.
Being the wise, old soul that Putin is, he knew that his terms in office would be the most
consequential of the modern era for both Russia and the world-at-large. He has not shrunk
from the demands of such a difficult undertaking; in fact, he seems to be emboldened by the formidable challenge that it is. But then he has the people of Russia firmly on his side, as well as an overwhelming majority of nations on Earth. When the people power around the planet 
starts to coalesce around the true intentions that Vladimir Putin represents and has frequently uttered, the change many wait for, will come fast and furiously.
Truly, global transformation lies right around the corner; a genuine new world order marked by implicit respect for both national and personal sovereignty.
The Future Of the World Lies With Russia.
Clearly this prophetic utterance by Edgar Cayce was both prescient and perceptive. For not only have the steppes of Central Asia forged the hearts and minds of the Russian people over centuries, the tyranny of Soviet communism proved to be a crucible like no other. Russia has always been a nation of philosophers with writers like Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky molding the
national consciousness since the 19th century. Given their relatively recent release from the imposed atheism of godless Marxism, Russians young and old have re-embraced the mystical traditions of the Russian Orthodox Church.

“Through Russia comes the hope of the world. Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism — no! But freedom — freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized; yet out of Russia
comes again the hope of the world.”
~ Edgar Cayce
Given this very profound and ongoing cultural transformation, a new national mindset is
emerging. Undoubtedly it is one that is bending inexorably toward a more conservative and
traditional society, especially one that is moving in the opposite direction of Western societies.
Putin is well aware of the sensibilities which predominate throughout the Motherland. He
seeks to offend no one, but at the same time will not let the crazies run the asylum as they do
throughout the Anglo-American Axis. Nor will he permit the values and principles, customs
and traditions of any minorities dominate Russian culture.
In light of what is at stake for both Putin’s Russia and Obama’s USA, it is now apparent that
an epic battle has been raging across the land. The most recent battle in the Ukraine is only
one more among those being waged throughout the entire Middle East and beyond. Both
Russia and China have seen their geopolitical positions assaulted and undermined wherever
they attempt to establish new markets or engage trading partners. Particularly wherever
energy resources are at stake, the wars have become more apocalyptic. So much so that many
wonder if an epoch-ending World War III is around the corner. However, such an
engineered Armageddon can only be foisted on the community of nations with the
participation of both East and West.
Fortunately, Putin’s Russia will not be goaded into a World War 3 scenario. Neither will
Jinping’s China nor Modi’s India. Because of Putin’s unshakeable resolve and strong
leadership within the BRICS Alliance, none of the nations being routinely assailed by the AAA
will be triggered into full scale war. The whole world has Vladimir Putin to thank for his sane
and sober response to so many conflicts and skirmishes, false flag attacks and proxy invasions
being staged across the planet on a weekly basis by the Anglo-American Axis.
The Russian people have come to respect Putin as a leader who is fiercely protective of the
Motherland. Comparisons to Peter the Great, who has been praised “as an industrializer and
cultural visionary who turned his country into a European power” are quite understandable.
Under the stewardship of Tsar Peter I “Russia became feared but also respected by its
neighbors, and he is the official czar-hero of Russian history.”[6] Perhaps the following
picture disseminated by the AAA Mainstream Media as a putdown does reflect Putin in his
current role as “Protector of Russia” and moral leader of the free world.
State of the Nation
November 5, 2014

Author’s Note
There is a massive amount of false information being spread across cyber-space regarding
Vladimir Putin. One of the primary disinfo campaigns is to link him to the very oligarchs who
still remain in positions of power in Russia. Putin inherited an unprecedented economic mess
and financial disaster from decades of communist mismanagement. He was also forced to
deal with pervasive political problems and endemic government corruption from the same
era. All the while he had to steer the country through major social, philosophical and religious
transformation. In view of this context, is it not clear that he had to — initially — make as
many friends as possible before all the purges began?
Given these realities, Putin did what any righteous and pragmatic leader would do — usher
the process along in as smooth and painless a way as possible. The vast majority of Russians 
had already suffered terribly … for many decades. Therefore, he has always tried to work with those who have been cooperative. Some of the oligarchs saw the writing on the wall and made the overtures necessary to convince Putin of their loyalty to rebuilding Russia first. Those that left the Motherland would not renounce their thieving ways. Those who have stayed are much more aligned with Putin’s program than their previous affiliations and behavior might indicate. When faced with either being exiled or joining the cause, it became a fairly easy decision for those oligarchs who valued their Russian roots.
Then there is the matter which concerns those who assert that Putin must be in bed with the
Rothschilds, the Western elite, the NWO, the Illuminati, the World Shadow Government, the
FED (banksters), etc. As the president and prime minister of a once superpower nation, how could he possibly terminate all the normal international relationships in the midst of
rebuilding the nation? It was only through the vital trade and commerce with Europe, as well
as satisfying the energy demands of those and other countries, that Russia had the cash flow to survive the whole ordeal. So much of the Russian economy was (and is) driven by oil and gas revenue; a reality that Russia would have to face sooner or later. For the sake of survival, deals were made whenever, wherever and with whomever necessary.
Lastly, there are those who declare that Putin is unwittingly being used as controlled
opposition. Do they really think that Putin is not aware of the many games being played by
the AAA’s vast network of intelligence services? He was KGB, doing a heckuva lot more than the MSM would ever acknowledge. His involvement at the highest levels of playing the now ubiquitous Great Game gave him an education that only the Committee for State
Security could provide. In fact, only the invaluable experience accrued within Russia’s
primary security agencies (he was also appointed head of the FSB) could adequately prepare 
him for his future challenges. Therefore, when many ask how an ex-KGB officer can possibly do good, we wonder how else Putin could have performed the herculean task of a successful national rehabilitation since 1999 … without being purged or assassinated!

Moral of the story: Only an extremely well connected ex-KGB operative and well
informed ex-FSB Director could possibly have received the necessary support
and vigilant protection to have kept him out of harm’s way for the past 15 years
as Russia’s premier leader and statesman.

Editor’s Note:
This article is the first in a series about Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Part II is entitled:
PUTIN: The President And The Power(s) Behind Him Just Like JFK, Putin Goes His Own Way
There should be no doubt whatsoever that Vladimir Putin is the John F.
Kennedy of the New Millennium

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