Tuesday, July 11, 2017


FAKE NEWS: CNN Touts “Peaceful” Protests at G20 Summit

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Democratic Deity Set to Reenter Political Fray to Rescue Doomed Party

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Ten Commandments Coming Back to Arkansas Capitol After Recent Vandalism

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Chuck “Pass The Buck” Schumer Blames POTUS For NYC Subway Nightmare 
Climate Hoaxers Receive Bombshell of Bad News In New Study 
New Poll Finds Republican Men Are Best Tippers In America 
Stars and Bars Flies Over SC Statehouse in Protest of Confederate Censorship 
Lena Dunham Donating Sale of Election Night Tantrum Dress to Abortion Mill 
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s First 2020 Presidential Committee Forms 
Trump’s Message from Poland: We Will Fight Back, We Will Defend Ourselves 
NYC’s Least Popular Absentee Employee 
Constitution 101: Jamie Raskin-Style
Chinese Expert says Trump showing “Tactical Brilliance” in Dealing with China and North Korea 

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Russia Obsessed Media Continues to Ignore Obama’s Failure 
New York Paper Calls Out Liberal Mayor with Epic Cover 
Some of the Church’s Worst Enemies come from Within 
Stephen Hawking Goes After President Trump 
News You Can Use for July 10, 2017 
Democrat Doofus Howard Dean Calls Trump A “Criminal Enterprise” 
Radical Leftist Arrested After Threatening Republican Congresswoman in Omaha 
Safe Spaces Get A Makeover During Dual Sacramento Trump Rallies 
North Korean Missile Intercept Test Proves Nothing Says Expert, U.S. Still in Danger 
Another CNN Story Debunked – Trump DID Confront Putin on Election Meddling 
Made Fresh Daily 
Trump-Putin Meeting a Success, but Media Pretends Different 
No, Jesus would NOT Endorse Obamacare 
News You Can Use for July 9, 2017 
Massive Heroin Bust in Deep South Raises Opioid Overdose Concerns 

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