Tuesday, July 11, 2017


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FBI: Hawaii Sergeant First Class PLEDGED ALLEGIANCE TO ISIS, threatened to torture, “KILL OTHER SOLDIERS AND SERVICE MEMBERS” believed in mass killing of Jews

ISIS in our US army. A Hawaii soldier, Ikaika Erik Kang, has been arrested for pledging allegiance to the Islamic State terrorist group and vowing to slaughter in the cause of Islam.

US Cosmetic Companies Go Sharia — and It’s Not Pretty

The United States is allegedly home to approximately 3.3 million Muslims. Despite having such a small Muslim population, companies across the United States are making space in their business models to comply with Sharia law.

Award-Winning Journalist Who Broke BLOCKBUSTER Story of Jewish Women Barred From Chicago ‘Dyke March’ is DEMOTED

There it is. This is the state of journalism in 2017 under the boot of leftist authoritarians. Report a true story that exposes the hate and hypocrisy of the left and you lose your job.

Je suis Brigitte: Bardot’s shock interview on Islam

Brigitte Bardot is a national treasure. Despite relentless persecution by the French government for sharia-speech violations, Bardot continues to speak truth to Islamic power. France’s iconic blonde bombshell has been on trial five times for Islamo-criticism and “inciting racial hatred” (Islam is not a race).

France: Versailles CANCELS July 13th fireworks in submission to Islamic terror

Another beloved Western tradition canceled in submission to Islam. Islamic terrorism works. Christmas markets and celebrations, music festivals are canceled, while Ramadan and Iftar rituals are imposed upon non-Muslim nations. New Year's Eve celebrations have become target-rich environments for rape jihad and mass murder.

Colombian Muslim ‘planned a terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert, sent organizers threatening messages in Arabic’

The jihad aspirations of Muslims. The monstrous horror of the Manchester attack inspires devout Muslims to repeat the carnage. Why is this understanding of Islam so widespread? Perhaps Muslims believe the Islamic texts and teachings of the Quran and the Hadith over the flapping tongues of Western elites who deny reality?

Ohio Muslim pleads GUILTY to providing SUPPORT FOR JIHAD TERRORISTS and Paying 15K To Have JUDGE MURDERED

An Ohio Muslim pleaded guilty Monday to providing material and financial support to jihad terrorists and to soliciting the murder of a federal judge.

Israel: ‘Shame on’ Germany for comparing ‘Palestinians’ to Holocaust victims

This is rich coming from those bloody Nazis in defense of this century's Nazis.

Hungary Prime Minister: European Union Is Following ‘Soros Migrant Plans’

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is exactly right. Clearly, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is one of the few European politicians not owned by the black hand, Soros.

JIhadis behead 9 civilians in attack on Kenya village

Kenya, the beacon of democracy on the dark continent, is under siege by Islamic supremacists. And black leaders in the US stand with these savage racists.

New Hampshire Domestic Violence Case Dropped for ‘Cultural Incompetence’ of Immigrant

Apparently, being an immigrant is a solid defense if you're accused of domestic abuse or violence.

VIDEO: American leftists are now quoting Hitler at protests

It's not surprising. Hitler was an avowed leftist, leader of the National Socialist party. They accuse Jews like me of being "Nazis" -- absurd, but true. Now they are quoting Hitler at their leftist/Islamic rallies here in the US.
Watch as the speaker quotes Hitler at a leftist rally in New York to cheering attendees.

Turkey: Muslim buys 15-year-old girl to “MARRY”

The girl was found in the house of the 36-year-old ISIL militant, identified only by the initials S.Y., during an anti-terror operation. It was determined that the girl was “bought” from her parents in Istanbul by the jihadist to “marry her.”

Israel Enraged by “Delusional” UNESCO Decision: UN Declares Ancient Jewish Holy Site Is Now “PALESTINIAN”

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) voted to make the Tomb of the Patriarchs and the Old City of Hebron Palestinian heritage sites, despite intense push-back from Israel and the United States.

The New UK: Police Release Counterterror Tape to Teach Tourists To Stay Safe

Heading out for vacation? Well, don't forget the sunscreen, the extra cash -- and the tips of this newly created video on how to avoid a terror attack. What a sad sign of the times.

Berlin Swarming with Sharia Religious Police

The streets of Berlin have been transformed into a sharia zone, due to a mass migration of Salafists from Chechnya.

Hamas Police Ban Women From Motorbikes

It's strange how the left loves Islam, given the left is supposedly filled with those who advocate -- fiercely -- for women's rights.

Syrian Muslim Migrant on Bail for Rape Jailed Again for Raping, Beating Girls, Ages 13 and 14

A migrant from Syria already found guilty of raping a girl, 17, was then accused of trafficking and sexually abusing two other girls while on bail.

Beautiful Jesus Painting Left at NY Islamic Center Investigated as “HATE CRIME”

Jesus is hate? Only under Islamic law. That such a painting of Jesus, whose message is of love and forgiveness, would be considered "hate" speaks to just how islamized our culture, and worse still, law enforcement has become.

Ohio Muslim pleads GUILTY to attempting to join Islamic State

Ohio man Aron Travis Daniels pleaded guilty to attempting to provide material support to Islamic State as a result of an undercover FBI sting.

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