Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Submitted by: P McMillan

2017-2020 / The American Revolution???  
Pay Heed Americans, for the evidence will tell.
Those "rising" from the Left, are "Minions" from "Hell".

Some jesters, some fools, most ignorant of Truth,
are cult followers ,believers, of destroying your roots.

Like Fanatics / Cult followers of History once told,
they will tell you Freedoms not needed, the ideals are too old.

Like "Farmers" of Satan, seeds planted of prejudice and hate,
they demand you become followers of ideas out-of-date.

They "Harvest" their minions from the fields of the fool,
promising them "everything free" as they watch them all "drool".

Cult followers, exposed, after their "Matron" had lost,
demand America's destruction, regardless of cost.

Democults, Not democrats now revealed in this time,
wish only Our Death, so as to continue their "Crime".

Cult Followers of Barry in shock at the loss,
believed "their" Hillary would soon, be their new Boss.

The pain of defeat has them running and wild,
threatening all real Americans with their venomous guile

Propaganda's their tool, used by those who aligned,
telling millions of Lies by the national Media's design.

Yes, National Journalist of Honor long sold,
have traded-in for Fake News, where propaganda is told.

Perhaps it began, as *"Mocking Birds" all,
when integrity and dignity began it's first fall,

When "Judas" money made truth disappear,
and America's News-print showed they just didn't care. 

Democults ALL, now fully aligned,
with Evil weapons of both printed and verbal design.

*"Mocking Bird" Media, and Cultists alike,
entered our Homes reading poisonous words, and speaking Lies at the Mic.

Democults and Media thus had a New Task,
as their "Beloved" Loser was tossed out on their ass.

Propaganda revived with their joyful dissent,
wishing only to overthrow with socialistic intent.

Make No mistake,... for neither side really cares,
about you and your Loved-ones, if their Control isn't there.

Remember it's known, and all know that it's True,
you can't control Americans of Red / White, and Blue.

Neither Democults nor Republicants  wish ever to end such a "Coup",
the solutions lie with Americans, perhaps like me,.... perhaps like you.

If you heart longs for Freedom, and Independence once treasured,
be ready in defence of country with skilled Caution that's Measured .

We wish not to be like European clones,
where regret is quite evident, through their cries and their moans.

Free we were and Free we shall be,
as we tell all Cult-followers drink your own Kool-aid or Tea,

Your distorted views and deranged set of thoughts,
reveal your weakness of Heart, as you are so easily bought.

We are Uncle Sam's Family, which we shall never deny,
where we are willing to resist,.......are you willing to try??

Challenge our will, and watch us wave Farewell on the shore,
As your "Cult-ships" sail away and your "Threats" are no more!!.

Thomas Pastore / Vietnam Veteran / USMC.... So let it be written, so let it be done!! ..............(You are Welcome to put this on Facebook, if you wish)
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