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MUTH'S TRUTHS 07/11/2017

You know, I actually like the idea of a liberal newspaper in Las Vegas competing with the conservative Las Vegas Review-Journal.  I find it helpful to see just how lame most of the left’s arguments are on a wide variety of issues. 

But what I don’t understand is why the liberal insert in the Las Vegas Review-Journal is called the Las Vegas Sun.  Here’s what I mean…

Today’s lead story in the Sun, “ObamaCare’s loudest foes lower voices, expectations,” is actually a reprint of a New York Times story.  The second of three Page One stories, “How a pageant led to Trump son’s meeting with Russian lawyer,” is a New York Times reprint.

Inside, the lead liberal editorial is a New York Times reprint.  Then there’s a liberal column by Bret Stephens of the New York Times.  Another by liberalJulie Hirschfeld Davis of the New York Times.  Another by David Tanis of theNew York Times

There’s also the New York Times “Best Seller” book list and the New York Times crossword puzzle.

See what I’m getting at? 

The Sun’s tagline is “Locally Owned and Independent,” but the content is overwhelmingly New York focused, regardless of who owns it.

We have a lot of liberals in Las Vegas – some of whom are actually literate and able to string words together in a fairly comprehensible fashion.  So why not feature more independent liberal Las Vegas opinions, editorials and stories on issues relevant to Las Vegas as opposed to the Big Apple? 

Either that or rename the liberal insert the New York Sun.



Dr. Chuck Muth, PsD
Professor of Psephology (homeschooled)
Nevada’s #1 Irritator of Liberals and RINOs

P.S.  In case you missed it – a new report on Monday shows that only 141 issuers have submitted health plan applications to participate in the Obamacare exchange - compared to 227 in the last plan year and 281 the year before.

As has been the trend, healthcare choices continue to disappear.  In response to this latest example of Obamacare collapsing, HHS Secretary Tom Pricestated in part…

“The situation has never been more dire. Americans are continuing to lose what health coverage they have and are forced to choose from fewer options or pay the IRS for the right to go without. This further limits their access to the doctors and healthcare services they need.”

Read more from The Washington Examiner

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“As most people know, I’m known for being candid, and sometimes even blunt.  I don’t see the point of being politically correct if that means actually being incorrect.” – Donald Trump, “Midas Touch” (2011)



* The big news in Nevada yesterday was the epic failure of RINO Gov. Brian Sandoval’s $330 million tax give-away for Faraday Future, which announced it was pulling the plug on its electric car manufacturing plant at the Apex Industrial Park in North Las Vegas.

At the time when Sandoval was pushing the subsidy deal in a special session of the Legislature in 2015, he declared that Faraday was “going to change the trajectory and economy in Southern Nevada and the state.” 

If by “changing the trajectory” he meant driving it into the ground, he was right. 

Also walking around today with a Brontosaurus-sized egg on his face is Economic Development czar Steve Hill – a man with gubernatorial visions dancing in his head - who relishes his royal status as the bequeather of tax dollars to politically juiced businesses over those of less-connected Nevada businesses.

What an embarrassing fuster-cluck.  And another lesson on why government shouldn’t be using tax dollars to pick winners and losers in the market.

* Republican Las Vegas City Councilman Stavros Anthony - who won re-election to a final 4-year term on the council back in April – announced on Monday that he’s running for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District seat in 2018. 

The seat is currently (mis)represented by Democrat empty-suit pretty boy Rep. Ruben Kihuen, last seen combing his hair in a congressional locker room in The Swamp.


“If this guy (President Trump) was running Dairy Queen, he’d be gone.  This guy couldn’t work at The Gap.  So why do we have to be victimized by his fecklessness, his ignorance.” – Former late-night host/goofball David Letterman, who apparently missed the fact that we held an election last November that Trump WON.  Um, THAT'S why.

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