Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Submitted by: P McMillan


By Michael Master (author of Save America Now, Rules for Conservatives, The Birth Famine)

Career government employees are the swamp.   Lobbyists are the swamp.   Long-time politicians are the swamp.  They are obstructionists who are protecting the swamp for fear that they will no longer be needed when the swamp is drained.  

Term limits?  Professional politicians don’t want them.   Democrats in Congress don’t want them.   It will not happen as long as Pelosi and Schumer control the Democrats in Congress.  The average age of Democrats in Congress is 67.   The average age of Republicans is 47.    Democrats are deep in the swamp.  Term limits help destroy the swamp.   No term limit laws on Congress will be passed by establishment politicians in Congress.   So term limits will not happen unless the states amend the Constitution.      

The swamp is trying in vain to get rid of Trump.   All the swamp, including the mainstream media cartel, believed that Clinton would be elected all the way up to 8 PM on election night.   They all made fun of Trump, mocked him, and disparaged him from the first day that he announced his candidacy.   And they were all proved wrong.  

Then they claimed vote tampering and demanded a recount in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.   The only irregularities were found in Democrat controlled Wayne County (Detroit) where more votes were counted for Clinton than the number of people who voted in total, so those votes for Clinton were thrown out.   Clinton lost votes in the recount. Trump gained more votes from the recount in Wisconsin.   The whole recount attempt backfired on Democrats. Democrats lost the election.   Democrats lost more than 900 state legislative seats, 14 governors, 63 US House seats, and 13 US Senators while Obama was president.     

Then Democrats claimed that the electoral college is wrong and that Congress could change it.   They claimed that Trump was not legitimate because Clinton received more popular votes.   The electoral college is established by the states in the contract between the states as representatives of “we the people” known as the Constitution and can only be changed by agreement of 2/3 of the states.  Congress can do nothing about it.   Democrats lost that argument also.  

Then Democrats claimed that Trump colluded with Russians.   A special investigator was assigned to investigate it even though there is no evidence to support the claim.  So does that mean anytime someone claims foul, that a special investigator will be assigned just because someone claims foul?  Wow.   That is the start of a whole new strategy for obstructing the agenda of the winning party.   Hey Republicans, are you watching and learning for when Democrats are in control?    

Then Democrats claimed that Trump cannot be POTUS unless he divests of his investments.  Not true.  Does not apply to POTUS.   Does not apply to Congress. Only applies to heads of agencies.    The establishment politicians were hoping that Trump would abdicate his job of POTUS if he was forced to make a choice.  The establishment politicians were wrong. …  again.      

Then Democrats claimed that Trump obstructed justice.  Also dead.  Trump acted within his authority. 

And once obstruction of justice was abandoned, they changed the accusation to "inappropriate actions."   Inappropriate according to whom?  We elected Trump to be inappropriate, to change DC, and to drain the swamp.   Since when is being inappropriate illegal?   What laws were broken?  

Then Democrats agreed with Comey that Trump lied about Comey not doing a good job and the FBI having low morale.   It was just 6 months ago that the Democrats wanted Comey fired.  The Rosenstein memo supports everything said by Trump about Comey.    So it now looks like Comey lied about Trump lying.    

Democrats now claim that Trump is taking money from foreigners while POTUS. Establishment Republicans are hoping that the Democrats can finally stop Trump.   Stupid.   Desperate.  They all did nothing about the Clinton Foundation taking hundreds of millions of dollars while Clinton was Secretary of State.   The conflicts of interest were huge.  Just look at the facts.  Who?  How much?  When?  And what happened next?   Start with uranium.   Trump has done nothing in comparison.    

The establishment obstructionists will not stop...  Democrat and Republican and media establishment alike.  Desperate.  They are trying anything to stop Trump.  So conservatives need to ignore them ... back Trump ... and move forward to make America great again without establishment participation.  

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