Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Megyn Kelly Loses Gala Gig After Alex Jones Interview

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Liberal Comedy Central Show To Censor President’s Name Like A Curse Word

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NBA Champs Join Anti-Trump “Resistance”, will Boycott White House Visit

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Racist Petition Telling MSNBC “No More White Conservatives” Has 175K Signatures
Did Your Taxes Fund Play That Depicts Trump Assassination? Probably.
Germany Faces Yet Another Train Station Attack, One Officer Critically Injured
Mattis Calls North Korea “Most Urgent” Threat, Nukes Closer To Reality Than Thought
BOYCOTT ALERT: Credit Card Company Continues Sponsorship of Assassination Play
Russian Cyberattack During Elections more Widespread than Reported
The GOP is Failing their Test
John McCain Denies saying Obama was Better Leader than Trump
Media Rewrites History: Pulse Nightclub Attack called “Gun Violence,” Not a Muslim Terrorist Attack
A School District Fired a Coach for Praying, but He’s Fighting Back

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Guess who’s Getting a Book Deal
Bernie Sanders Supporters Believe He should be Handed the Nomination in 2020
Red State Writer calls Trump the “Antichrist”
How Politics and Money have Corrupted Science
London Bridge Drive Through
News You Can Use for June 13, 2017
New York Times Likens Comey Testimony to Sexual Harassment
Czech Republic Latest Euro Locale to Buck EU Mandated Refugee Quotas
Iran Makes ABSURD Claim About USA and ISIS, Claims To Have Proof Of…
TX Governor Gets HUGE Piece of Support For Women-Only Bathroom Bill
Europe’s Terror Surge Headed to USA Says NYPD Head Honcho
Trump Focuses on Jobs, Wins New Supporters in Coal Country
Documents Proving Collusion between Clinton Campaign and Department of Justice might NOT be Forgeries?
How Transgender Bullies Exploit Our Silence—And What to Do About It
Did James Comey Break the Law by Leaking His Memos?

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