Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Breaking News: Gunman Targets GOP Lawmakers Opens Fire on Softball Practice, Injures 5… is a Bernie Sanders Supporter UPDATE: Shooter Dead

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Senator Tom Cotton and AG Sessions Destroy the Liberal Narrative on Russia Collusion and Trump Crimes in less than 5 Minutes

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Comey told Congress that He Confronted Loretta Lynch and She was NOT Happy about it

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Democrats Moved From ‘Collusion’ To ‘Obstruction’ To ‘Emoluments’ Accusations – Just Looking to Dump Trump 
Republicans Describe the Chaos of the Shooting at the GOP Baseball Team Practice 
Political Leaders Respond to Shooting of GOP Congressman 
Democrat Senator Calls for Investigation into Possibility that Loretta Lynch Colluded with the Clinton Campaign 
Media Malpractice: Story on Trump Firing Mueller makes No Sense, but the Media Still Ran It 
Democrat Strategist Explains why Hillary Lost: Campaign was a “F***ing Piece of Sh**” 
Attorney General Jeff Sessions Testifies before the Senate about Ongoing Russia Stories 
Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Opening Statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee 
If Bill Maher Were Republican 
MLB Team Celebrates “Gay Pride” on “Kids Day” 

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Fearful Liberals 
News You Can Use for June 14, 2017 
Racist Petition Telling MSNBC “No More White Conservatives” Has 175K Signatures 
Did Your Taxes Fund Play That Depicts Trump Assassination? Probably. 
Germany Faces Yet Another Train Station Attack, One Officer Critically Injured 
Mattis Calls North Korea “Most Urgent” Threat, Nukes Closer To Reality Than Thought 
BOYCOTT ALERT: Credit Card Company Continues Sponsorship of Assassination Play 
Russian Cyberattack During Elections more Widespread than Reported 
The GOP is Failing their Test 
John McCain Denies saying Obama was Better Leader than Trump 
Media Rewrites History: Pulse Nightclub Attack called “Gun Violence,” Not a Muslim Terrorist Attack 
A School District Fired a Coach for Praying, but He’s Fighting Back 
Guess who’s Getting a Book Deal 
Bernie Sanders Supporters Believe He should be Handed the Nomination in 2020 
Red State Writer calls Trump the “Antichrist” 

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