Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Dear Conservative Patriots

Guns save lives. And the shooting at a GOP congressional baseball practice this morning proves that.

As Republican Congressman and Senators prepared for the upcoming congressional charity game, a man fueled by extremist left-wing rhetoric opened fire. 

What would have been a carnage ended in no deaths besides the shooter, thanks to the brave actions of armed Capitol Police. 

You see, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise thankfully had two armed security officers with him at an otherwise unarmed event. 

It was those police officers who created the cover fire for the law-makers to get to cover in the dugout. 

It was those police officers with guns who saved lives this morning. 
NAGR national spokesman Senator Rand Paul was present during the attack, and made it clear that the only reason this shooting wasn’t a massacre was because of their bravery

The shooter was expecting sitting ducks, and got the surprise of his life when he received return fire.

Michigan Congressman Mike Bishop explained the whole situation in one sentence: 

“The only reason why any of us walked out of this thing, by the grace of God, one of the folks here had a weapon to fire back and give us a moment to find cover.” 

Despite what the liberal press says, it was guns that saved lives this morning, and guns are the only thing that will stop a violent attacker. 

If you agree, please click here and sign your “NO GUN CONTROL, NO DEALS” petition right away!

Your support is important! The left will stop at nothing to take away our right to keep and bear arms, perpetuating inexcusable acts of violence like this morning’s shooting. 

And now many among them are trying to use this shooting to take steps toward new gun control. 

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, longtime Hillary Clinton backer, and potential rival to President Donald Trump in 2020, immediately went on the offensive.

McAuliffe claimed the answer is more gun control, and specifically demanded banning private firearms sales and creating a defacto gun registration database. 

His response is in direct opposition to the facts as reported by those who were actually at the shooting. 

But gun grabbers like Terry McAuliffe, Hillary Clinton, and their billionaire financier Goerge Soros do not care about fact . . . or safety. 

The truth about this shooting is that it wasn’t just some random attack, this was a hateful attack fueled by extreme-left rhetoric. 

The shooter was an open socialist, and extremely vocal Bernie Sanders supporter. 

The violent rhetoric of the Left was bound to come to this, and that’s another story the mainstream news isn’t going to tell you. 

This shooting makes one thing clear: in a country with left-wing radicals fanning violent flames, self-defense is more important than ever.

That’s why your support is so vital.

Time and time again it has been National Association for Gun Rights members and supporters who have led the charge to both defeat gun control and expand our Second Amendment rights. 

We must take a stand together and make it clear that guns are not the problem, they are the solution. 

There are two important things you can do right now. 

First: Pray for a speedy recovery for Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who was shot, and is currently said to be in critical condition, and the others injured. 

Second: Click here to sign your “NO GUN CONTROL, NO DEALS” Petition. 

The gun grabbers won’t slow down on their push to restrict our rights, so we shouldn’t slow down either. 

And once you sign your petition, I hope you will consider a contribution to the National Association for Gun Rights. 

We don’t have George Soros’ or Michael Bloomberg’s billions, but we have you. And franky I think that is better. 

Following this shooting, gun grabbers are going to push everywhere they can, federally, and at the state level to ram gun control into law

NAGR supporters standing up will be absolutely vital in stopping them. 

Your support is vital, please take action right away.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
National Association for Gun Rights
P.S. The attack on GOP lawmakers this morning is proof that guns save lives.

Two armed Capitol police officers were the only thing that stopped this from being a full-scale massacre. 

But anti-gun zealots have never let the facts stand in their way, and are already calling for gun control. 

That’s why I must count on you to sign your “NO GUN CONTROL, NO DEALS” petition right away!

And once you sign, please consider making a generous contribution. 

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