Wednesday, June 14, 2017


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Teen Vogue Calls Opposition to Sharia ‘Hate Speech’

Look what they teaching our girls. Look at what they doing to our girls. Iconic institutions like Teen Vogue who should be on the vanguard in the information battle-space, are disarming young girls in the war for their freedom and their future. This is the worst kind of propaganda. Hate packaged as love. Intolerance packaged as tolerance. Apartheid packaged as multiculturalism. Sharia packaged as political correctness. Sharia - gender apartheid, female genital mutilation, sex slavery, rape jihad - is the gravest threat to these young girls.

VIDEO Facebook LIVE: Pamela Geller Reports Muslim Migrant Rapists of 5 Year-Old Girl Get PROBATION

People are hungry for news the media won't cover.I went live this afternoon with this video and it already has 150,000 views and has reached half a million people.

London’s police chief: “Islamophobia” is intolerable

There you have it. "Islamophobia" is intolerable. Bombs designed to cause maximum pain, mutilation and dismemberment of our babies flesh and bone at a pop concert -- not so much. But 'islamophobia'? Intolerable. That is sharia and that is not a world which I will consent to live. Ever.

The “Palestinian People” And How They Grew

Of all the “peoples” who have presented to the world their claims to peoplehood, and some from that also lay claim to a right to statehood -- from the Tibetans, to the Basques, to the Bretons, to the Kurds, to the Berbers, to the Ibos of Nigeria (who tried in the Biafra War to defend their independent state of Biafra) -- it is the “Palestinian people” who have been most single-minded and successful.

Ramadan death toll to date: “Murdering infidels thus doesn’t contradict the spirit of Ramadan; it embodies it.”

Here is the latest tally, the human cost, of the heightened blood lust of the holiest of holies - Ramadan.

Geller Report shows (for a few hours) the documentary on Anti-Semitism in Europe that ARTE doesn’t want you to see

ARTE, a Franco-German public television station, came under fire after it censored the screening of the film it commissioned about Anti-Semitism because it was deemed too 'pro-Israel'.

Australia: Men Storm Movie Theater, Screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’

Police in Australia are investigating the storming of a local movie theater by men who shouted "Allahu Akbar" and left customers rattled.

Jihadis At The Door: The Change of Identity In Kosovo

The situation in the former Yugoslav and Serbian province of Kosovo is increasingly disconcerting to observers who detect a brewing toxic cocktail of local poverty, unemployment, dissatisfaction with the social and political conditions and radical Islamic activism.

Washington Post Speaks of Orlando Jihad as ‘Gun Violence,’ Not Islamic Terror

The left-leaning media is at it again, this time refusing to identify the Pulse club terror attack as what it was -- an act of Islamic jihad. Instead, to the Washington Post, the horrific hit was an act of "gun violence."

ISIS Applauds Mass Murder of ‘Belligerent Christians’ in the Philippines

Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) jihadists, in the most recent edition of their propaganda magazine Rumiyah, have reportedly released “unseen” pictures of “belligerent Christians” executed by the jihadist group in the Philippines.

HIZBALLAH in the US: Dearborn Muslim got bomb-making training, New York Muslim plotted jihad attacks on NYC

One week after the FBI raided a Dearborn home in the middle of the night, a new terrorism case surfaced in New York on Thursday involving two men: a Dearborn man who allegedly received bomb-making training from a terror group and another man who allegedly plotted attacks on New York.

Pentagon: ‘Increasing Number of Taliban Commanders Are Swearing Allegiance to ISIS’

An increasing number of Taliban terrorists are jumping ship and swearing loyalty instead to ISIS.

U.S. sending Christians back to Iraq to face JIHAD SLAUGHTER

Chaldean Christians in Sterling Heights have been fighting a mega-mosque proposed for a residential area where they live for more than a year. Now, up to 200 of their family members are set to be deported by the Trump administration.

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