Thursday, June 29, 2017


Submitted by: John Porter

Initial Victories in an Ongoing War

        Americans have seen many of President Donald Trump’s campaign promises kept. We have: a better economy; strong job growth; support for our Veterans; a Supreme Court Justice who adheres to the Constitution; the ongoing removal of violent, illegal immigrants; and drastic curtailment of illegal immigration. He has delivered and fights every day to continue to improve the lives of Americans and return the government to us.

        Recent Supreme Court decisions and announcement of cases they will or will not hear in the next session show support for our rights and freedoms as protected by our Constitution. We must celebrate each victory President Trump secures for us and each Supreme Court decision that reaffirms that the Constitution is dominant. But, we must not become complacent. America is at war with those who strive to end our world leadership role, our individual rights and freedoms. One is the freedom that makes America unique in her greatness, living without Government interference and dominance.
        Everything President Trump has accomplished has been in spite of the deranged Elites’ attempts to stop him by any nefarious means they can. Why do they hate and fear our President? The Swamp Creatures, the Elites in the media, government and business, do not care about Americans. They only care about retaining their power over us and the control and wealth that power generates for them. They want to tell Americans what to think and how to act. President Trump is draining the swamp of these internal enemies.
        Mark Levin recently published Rediscovering Americanism. His main thesis is that America is in a war with two philosophies fighting for dominance. The first is the belief that Americans are free individuals who determine their own lives with a minimum of governance. This is the spirit and law of the country our Forefathers established. They devised a government structure, a Constitutional Republic, which would continue to enable and protect Americans’ rights and freedoms over time. This is a government where officials are elected as representatives of the people and must govern according to existing Constitutional law that limits the government's power over citizens.
       The other philosophy of governing, Progressivism, is the goal of America’s Elites. American Progressivism was defined by historian Alonzo Hamby as "the political movement that addresses ideas, impulses, and issues stemming from modernization of American society.” It was strongest in the first half of the last century and insists that societal evolution, not the Constitution, define government practices. Today, advocates of American Progressivism worship at the feet of Marx, Lenin, Anarchist Russian Mikhail Bakunin, Mao Zedong and others whose philosophies inspired Communism and Socialism. These forms of government are failures and have harmed and destroyed many populations. They have never benefited any country’s citizens. Venezuela is the most recent, indisputable proof of that failure.
        Support our President in his fight to restore America’s greatness and adherence to our Constitution. Vote in those who believe in our Constitutional Republic form of government, the men and women who understand that the role of an elected official is to carry out our wishes under the guidance of the Constitution. Vote out those who serve their own and their special interests’ needs for power, control and wealth. 

Kathleen Dynan

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