Thursday, June 29, 2017


Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is pitching changes to the Senate's ObamaCare replacement bill after Republicans delayed a vote until after the July 4recess.
Paul sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) outlining his "policy priorities" for the legislation, which he opposes as presently written.
The Kentucky Republican is requesting that McConnell drop a provision added earlier this week that would require individuals who miss an insurance payment to wait six months before being able to sign back up for insurance. Read more here...

On Obama’s last day, hundreds of “midnight regulations” were secretly filed by multiple regulatory agencies. One was the FDA’s Smokeless Tobacco Rule (21 CFR Part 1132). This proposed rule would effectively ban smokeless tobacco made in America. It was proposed in secret, so you might miss the chance to make your voice heard.
Don’t let unelected bureaucrats subvert democracy and kill thousands of American jobs! Submit a formal comment to the FDA right now. Tell them to stop the Smokeless Tobacco Rule!
2. The Banana Republic of Illinois - by Stephen Moore via Investor's Business Daily
Last week Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner continued his three-year standoff with House Speaker for Life Mike Madigan's liberal Democratic machine over a $5 billion annual income-tax hike. The Democrats have dug in their heels.
Anyone who thinks this soak-the-rich scheme will solve Illinois' long-term budget crisis should have their head examined. Illinois already ranks in the top three among the 50 states in state-local tax burden, so if raising taxes were any kind of solution here, the Land of Lincoln would be a Garden of Eden. Read more here...
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Lost in the entire debate over Republican efforts to reform the healthcare system is the reason the GOP has taken up the task at all: Americans are suffering under legislation passed by the Democrats. Sure, this inconvenient fact gets some attention at times, but is largely drowned out by the media's preference for entertaining the dire predictions liberals are currently making.
As has been the case for years, Democrats are better at appealing to people's emotions than Republicans. But that doesn't mean Republicans don't have a case. Read more here...
The Illinois legislature overwhelmingly passed a bill Friday tightening the state's civil asset forfeiture laws and shifting the burden of proof onto the government to show why it should be allowed to keep seized property.
The bill, approved unanimously in the state senate and with only one dissenting vote in the house, would raise the standard of evidence for forfeitures from probable cause to a preponderance of evidence and bar seizures under $500 in many drug cases.
It would also abolish a requirement of residents challenging seizures that they pay a 10 percent bond on the estimated value of their property to file a petition, and expedite hearings for owners claiming innocence. Read more here...

Jason Pye
Director of Public Policy, FreedomWorks

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