Thursday, June 29, 2017


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Toronto: Muslim TAKES WOMAN HOSTAGE to protest counter-terror policing

"Muhammed Islam said his motivations for the kidnapping were related to years of being surveilled and monitored by the RCMP, and that he was desperate for it to stop.”
The Muslim kidnapped a woman, I'd say it was a very good thing he was being surveiled. Wouldn't you?

State of ‘Collapse’: Italy Overwhelmed as 13,500 Muslim Migrants Arrive in Past Two Days

We are witnessing the fall of Europe. They've reached a tipping point -- a point of no return.

Six Muslims ‘with links to Islamic State’ arrested in raids across Europe, including IMAM to Paris jihad attackers

Another in a long line of devout imams who somehow "misunderstood," Islam or so the media and academic elites like to tell us. These useful idiots assure us they know more about Islam than devout Muslims who study Quran and Hadith all day every day and wage holy war in the cause of Islam. Like Muhammad.

Sen. Dick Durbin REFUSES to Release His Emails With GOP Baseball Gunman

Senator Dick Durbin, long time tool of Muslim supremacists here in America and uber-left hardliner, has blood on his hands. Subpoena the emails.
Where's wikileaks when you need them?

Parisians get “NO-GO ZONE” warning app

Jihad? Sharia? There's an app for that!
Is this any way to lose a war? You bet it is.
No war has ever been won on the defense.
"No-go zones" -- the term is prohibited in the sharia-compliant West, but reality is biting those frogs in the derriere.

Iran Erects Flag on Israel’s Border: ‘We’re Coming’

More of the poisonous fruit of President Obama's nuclear pact with the genocidal Islamic Republic of Iran.
They unveiled a countdown clock to Israel's destruction. “Muslim world’s top priority.”

VIDEO Hero officer describes fighting off 3 London Bridge knife-wielding jihadis ARMED WITH ONLY A BATON

PC Wayne Marques says: "I'm thinking 'there's a knife in my leg while I'm fighting the second one and the third one'". A hero police officer who fought all three London Bridge attackers with only his baton says there was "instant darkness" when he was stabbed in the head by one of the terrorists.

Trump’s 5-Year Ban on Welfare for Immigrants Gets Thumbs-Up From 62 Percent

President Donald Trump wants to reignite an existing law that's been largely ignored in recent times, and bar those coming to this country from taking taxpayer entitlements for at least five years.

Tracking Extremism, Post-Manchester: ‘They Blow Us Up and We Sing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine”

The BBC's Douglas Murray aptly summed the ridiculous leftist response to terror: They bomb, and "we sing John Lennon's 'Imagine,'" he said.

MUST WATCH Debate: Geert Wilders KO’s Dutch Prime Minister Rutte about Islam

Yesterday, the Dutch Parliament debated the recent wave of Islamic terror attacks in Europe. I would love to see debate on the floor of the Senate or the House.

Beheaded Bodies Of Filipino Civilians Discovered, Butchered By ISIS Jihadis

Another jihad horror scrubbed, censored, ignored by the enemedia elites.

U.S.-Trained Police Officers in Syria Give Nazi Salute

We have gone through the Free Syrian Army and the White Helmets, and now we get indications that another project funded by the US is doomed to failure from the outset.

More than 40 convicted jihad terrorists have used HUMAN RIGHTS LAWS to remain in UK

More than 40 foreign terrorists have used human rights laws to remain in the UK, according to an unpublished report delayed by the Home Office.

North Carolina Man, 21, Sentenced to Life for Plotting ISIS ‘of North America’

A 17-year-old North Carolina teen was sentenced to life for planning an "Islamic State of North America."

Srinagar: Muslim mob LYNCHES police officer outside mosque during prayers

A police officer was stoned to death Friday morning by an irate mob in Srinagar that believed he had shot at a group of people who caught him taking photographs outside Jamia Masjid.

Sarah Palin Suing New York Times for Defamation

Sarah Palin has kicked off a defamation suit against the New York Times, accusing the paper of smearing her in a mid-June editorial. She want's $75,000, at minimum.

Turkey’s Erdogan Seizes 50 Churches, Monasteries and Declares Them State Property

Turkey's government has seized dozens of churches and monasteries and declared them state properties.

Returning Islamic State Fighters Given ‘PROTECTED IDENTITIES’ To Start New Lives in Europe

Hundreds of Swedish residents who went to fight for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria have now returned to Europe and the Swedish government has given several of them “protected identities” to keep locals from finding out who they are.

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