Thursday, June 29, 2017


CNN Turns Crybaby, Says Trump is Putting Embedded Reporters in Danger

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Russia Probe Now Seeking Interview with Former Trump Bodyguard

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Swedish “No-Go” Zones On The Rise, Police Chief Crying for Help

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Democratic Senators Emails With Baseball Shooter WON’T Be Released 
Czech Republic Lawmakers Stick It To EU Government Gun Grabbers 
Italy Realizes Refugee Recklessness, Considers Closing Ports to Non-Euros 
North Korea “Immediate” Danger to U.S., Military Preparing for Action 
Jeff Bridges Eschews Hollywood’s Hatred of Trump, Wishes POTUS The Best 
Las Vegas Prepares For Legal Pot Sales Just In Time for Holiday Weekend 
Canada Demands that Christian Schools Stop Teaching Offensive Parts of the Bible 
News You Can Use for June 29, 2017 
Liberal Sculpture Wars Abandon Wall Street for Windy City 
MORE FAKE NEWS: CNN Resorts to Interviewing Puppets On Refugee Crisis 

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U.S. Airport Security Getting Beefed Up Ahead of Summer Travel Season 
Susan Rice’s Lame Attempt to Call “Sexism”, “Racism” on Probe Backfires 
China Heeds Donald Trump, Puts More Pressure On North Korea 
FAKE NEWS: ANOTHER CNN Bigshot Calls Russia Story “Nothing Burger”
“Republican” Susan Collins Defends Planned Parenthood Funding 
The Media Keeps Getting Everything Wrong – Do they Care? 
Economists WILDLY Over-predicted Economic Growth under Obama 
Republican Senators Disagree on Healthcare Bill 
The Robot Overlords have Arrived 
Another Democrat Tossed in Prison for Election Fraud 
Is the Pentagon Planning to Step Up Attacks on Syria? 
Can it be Right for a State to Ignore a Federal Court Ruling? 
News You Can Use for June 28, 2017 
Ransomware Attacks Go Global, Chernobyl and Merck Both Affected 
Did ESPN Fire ANOTHER On-Air Personality for Being Conservative?

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