Monday, May 8, 2017


Warm Welcome Waiting for Trump in Israel! CLICK HERE for Latest Israel News
World Israel NewsPalestinians Fail to Drag Trump to Arafat’s Grave; Iran Threatens to Destroy Saudi Arabia; Watch Netanyahu Throw Hamas Document in the Trash 
Turkey’s President Rips into Israel, Tells Muslims to Swarm Temple Mount
Netanyahu: Trump will be Warmly Welcomed as ‘Great Friend of Israel’
WATCH: Palestinian ‘Hunger Strike Hero’ Caught Eating in Prison Bathroom
Netanyahu ‘Looks Forward’ to Working with French President-Elect Macron 
WATCH: Netanyahu Throws New Hamas Document in the Trash 
Congressmen: Allow Americans Born in Jerusalem to List Israel as Birthplace 
Palestinians Fail to Drag Trump to Arafat’s Grave 
Israel Denies Requesting Trump Delay Visit Until Jerusalem Reunification Anniversary 
WATCH: Can Israel Make a Deal with Abbas? 
UK Cancels Prince Charles’ Planned Visit to Israel 
Undercover Reporter Attends Meeting of Holocaust Deniers in London 
Israeli Bill Recognizes Israel as Jewish Nation-state 
WATCH: Trump Adviser Says BDS Behind Anti-Semitism Charges 
Iran Threatens to Destroy Saudi Arabia 
Norwegian Political Party Backs Circumcision Ban 
US Forces Kill ISIS Leader in Afghanistan 
WATCH: A Tailor-Made Marriage? 
French Candidate Macron Opposes Unilateral Recognition of Palestinian State 
Hamas Elects Haniyeh to Lead Terror Group
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