Monday, May 8, 2017

CARLY FIORINA: 'The answer to the Left's lies and attacks'

Dear Conservative Patriot, 

From the instant Donald Trump won the presidency, the Left has been in attack mode. 

Their strategy is to underminesabotage, and ultimately prevent our new president and our conservative majorities in the House and Senate from rolling back eight years of failed liberal policies by Barack Obama and the Left. 

My friend, you and I have an historic opportunity to dismantle Big Government — to drain the DC swamp — but there's no time to lose. 

That's why I'm urgently asking you to stand with me today. 

You see, the Left already has a "permanent campaign" apparatus in place to execute this strategy and, what's more, they have an in-the-tank media already peddling "Fake News" stories to smear, discredit, and obstruct conservatives. 

And just look at the attacks this liberal machine is already firing off...
  • Elizabeth Warren viciously slandered Donald Trump as a "nasty, thin-skinned fraud," while socialist Bernie Sanders called President Trump an "embarrassment for our country."
  • In a betrayal of tradition and common decency, Barack Obama is currently working to undermine President Trump — including working with disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder to form the "National Democrat Redistricting Committee" (NDRC) to rig elections so Democrats can grab control of Congress for decades.
  • Multiple Democrat Congressmen are publicly vowing to impeach the President — including Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi and ultra-liberal Maxine Waters.
None of this is accidental or spontaneous... 

Nor are the bus-loads of professional protesters, union thugs, and brainwashed college students following Trump and his advisors at every turn where these radicals incite riots, destroy property, and hurl accusations of racism and sexism... 

It's a well-orchestrated campaign to de-legitimize and undermine conservatives. 

And if this liberal smear-machine is not battled at every turn, it will bit by bit, steal this historic opportunity to save our country: 

Repealing ObamaCareEnding Sanctuary CitiesDefunding Planned ParenthoodAnd nominating conservative Justices to the Supreme Court

That's why I need you to seize this opportunity save our country from the brink of disaster. 


By trainingmobilizingorganizing and equipping a permanent grassroots army on the right to stand up to the threat posed by the liberals and their well-funded "permanent campaign" apparatus. 

You see, I'm writing to you on behalf of an organization that is training, mobilizing, organizing and equipping men and women at the grassroots level. 

It's called American Majority

And, under the leadership of my good friend Ned Ryun, they are empowering the next generation of conservative leaders to:
  1. run for office, and
  2. promote liberty through political activism.
Over 100 candidates they trained won office and were part of this "wave" of conservatives in 2016. But this wasn't American Majority's "first rodeo." 

Thousands are trained each year in communities across the country. And what they managed to accomplish in the last 7 years is truly impressive: 

*** 39,237 individuals trained
*** 1,018 total trainings
*** 500+ trained individuals currently in elected office

But it's going to take an even bigger army — a national army — of committed, well- trained, freedom-loving, grassroots conservatives to win this fight. 

That's why I say American Majority is the answer to the Left's "permanent campaign" apparatus of lies and attacks. They are already battling in the trenches. 

And that's why I'm so proud to partner with them. Who better to lead this fight? 

Will you join me and join American Majority to seize this opportunity to pull our country out of this death spiral by making an urgent donation of $35 today? 

If you agree, then I ask you to follow this link to make a one-time contribution of $35 to my friends at American Majority to train, mobilize, organize and equip wave-upon-wave of the strong conservative leaders you and I need to fight this fight at the federal, state, and local level. 

Now, Ned mentioned to me that it costs $1,000 for every training they hold — roughly $50 per attendee. And as I mentioned, Ned and his team have already trained 39,237 individuals through one of nearly 1,000 training sites. 

So if you can afford to send more — say $50, $75, $125 $500, or even $1,000 — it will help train even more leaders. 

The most crucial thing is time. 

Every day the liberal smear-machine obstructs our conservative agenda is another day we come closer to losing our country. 

It's up to us — you and me — to make sure America remains a beacon of hope. 

So please join me in building a new American Majority. 

Sincerely yours,

Carly Fiorina 

P.S. The "permanent campaign" apparatus of the Left will do whatever it takes to cripple conservatives over the next two years. Will you stand with me to help American Majority train, mobilize, organize and equip the conservative leaders needed to take back our country?Please hurry, join us today! 


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