Monday, May 8, 2017


Rep. Justin Amash: The AHCA is an Amendment to Obamacare that deliberately maintains it’s Framework

Roman Catholic Church Forgives HIV-Infected Priest Who Raped 30 Children - Won't Face Criminal Charges 
10-Year-Old Florida Girl Pries Open Alligator's Jaws to Save Her Life 
Italian Reporter Doing Humanitarian Story On Refugees Is Assaulted Live On Air (Video) 
Prelude to War: Congress Votes to Impose Sanctions on North Korea 
This Video Shows Just How Easily a Child Abduction Can Happen 

Eric Sprott Warns Of Major Sell Off In Gold Mining Stocks As Top ETF Is Forced To Rebalance Holdings… Huge Profits To Follow 
Former Obama DHS Official On ISIS Slaughtering Egyptian Christians: ‘What Goes Around, Comes Around’ 
FRANCE SURRENDERS: Macron Pummels Le Pen 
Former Reagan Administration Official Is Warning Of A Financial Collapse Some Time ‘Between August And November’ 
Arkansas Father’s Vicious Rant About His Daughter’s Black Prom Date Proves Racism Is Alive And Well In America 
Obama Puts His Nose in French Election 
Report: Mattis Blindsided By Mark Green’s LGBT Statements 
Global Collapse: Children Are Literally Starving To Death In Venezuela And Yemen 
Oppression & Tyranny: San Francisco Wages Brutal War on Free Speech 
Trump Travel Expenses are Nowhere Near What the Media is Claiming

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