Monday, May 8, 2017


Tim Kaine is losing popularity fast. He claims the Republican health bill will kill women and children and conservatives are happy about it. Time to retire Tim Kaine from the Senate once and for all. Help elect Laura Ingraham!

Tim Kaine joined with radical Senators like Elizabeth Warren in saying the Republican healthcare plan will kill women, children and minorities. Tim Kaine is a full-fledged member of the hysterical far left and he's not coming back. 
Americans are sick and tired of politicians and their leftist hysteria over everything Trump and Republicans do. That's why Kaine is the least popular he's ever been in his home state! But he's more popular than ever with leftist elites on the coast and the Huffington Post crowd!
Voters in Virginia support politicians that will speak the truth. Laura Ingraham is that candidate. She will stand up for her ideas and values, whether she agrees with the President or not. Laura will defend freedom and the Constitution from attacks by the left. 
Kaine now is siding with Bernie Sanders and other leftists in denouncing President Trump's foreign policy in regards to Syria and North Korea. He thinks President Trump is acting unlawful with the military. But it was Kaine who was cheerleading for Obama and Clinton's failed Libya war.
Kaine is a hypocrite and beatable in the Senate!
Laura Ingraham is a conservative star. We know she will fight for conservative values. She will support veterans and the military and fight for the working class to get our economy going.  
Tim Kaine raised more money in the first quarter of 2017 than he ever has. But where is that money coming from? It's not Virginia!
Above, Kaine is pictured at a fundraiser with radical leftist Lena Dunham, an actress who falsely accused a conservative of rape and a disgusting actress calls for violence against Trump voters.
Kaine raised record amounts on events just like this with Hollywood leftists while he continues to ignore his constituents in Virginia. 
While we can't match these millionaire celebrity donors we can make more of an impact with real voters. We've seen how politicians fail when they take orders from the Hollywood left.  
On the other hand, Laura Ingraham has been a voice for the conservative movement for years. She would no doubt stand up to hypocrites like Tim Kaine! We need her in the Senate!

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Thank You for Defending Freedom! 

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