Monday, May 8, 2017


Israel’s Prime Minister calls CNN and the New York Times “Fake News” 

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Fox News Pundit calls Hillary Clinton a “Loser” who should “Get Back in the Woods” 

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New Study Shows Global Warming Nonexistent For Nearly Two Decades 

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Colorado Teacher Suspended After Encouraging Student Violence Against Trump 
North Korean Satellites Could Provide Massive Surprise Attack On U.S. 
Politically Correct Twerps Chastise Chris Pratt For Asinine Reason 
French Election Signals More Terror 
The Pandora’s Box of Preemptive War 
President Trump lays out His Plan to Revive the American Economy by Cutting Taxes, Spending, and Regulations 
President Trump’s Executive Order on Refugees Back on Trial this Week
Anti-Semite Norway Looks to Ban Circumcision 
What Happens when a Liberal Casts Doubt on Global Warming? All Hell Breaks Loose 
Fried (Susan) Rice

News You Can Use for May 8, 2017 
France Braces For Disaster As Macron Elected President 
Trump Tower is About To House The Most Powerful Device on The Planet 
Accidental Streaming of U.S. Drone Footage Shows Recreational Boats in Crosshairs 
Russia Puts On Massive Military Show of Force for Annual Celebration 
Media Malpractice and Obama Coverups 
Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) Explains why He Couldn’t Vote for AHCA 
New Spy Bill to Force Internet Providers to Spy on Innocent Citizens 
Hypocritical Liberals Want Your Tax Dollars, but Fight to Keep Theirs 
The United Nations Pushes ANOTHER Anti-Israel, Anti-Semitic Resolution 
News You Can Use for May 7, 2017 
Macron Email Leak CENSORED By French Government, Jail Time for Publishers 
Next Clinton in Line Gets Sobering News From Recent Poll 
Secession Becomes All The Rage in At Least A Half Dozen States 
Lawsuit Alleges George Soros Responsible for “Political Meddling” 

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