Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Bernie Sanders Is Guilty Of Fraud! He Is Campaigning For Jon Ossoff And Lying To Voters! Please Help Conservative Karen Handel Defeat Leftist Jon Ossoff!

Karen HandelKaren Handel
"I have a record of standing up and fighting the status quo to get things done and I will take that fight to Washington.”             - Karen Handel

Leading Republican Karen Handel by seven points, a new poll shows a 51-44% advantage for Democrat Jon Ossoff. Democrats are gaining momentum as this is a step up from the 48% Ossoff earned in April. This race is a battle of grassroot conservatives against liberal Hollywood celebrities and left-wing activists are pouring a record amount of money into Ossoff's campaign. A disapproval rating of 51% for President Donald Trump favors Jon Ossoff and self-defined moderates have swung strongly in his direction: 69% for Ossoff and only 22% for Handel! The election is just a few weeks away and Karen Handel needs your support! 

Setting the bar as the most expensive congressional race in history, the House Democrats' campaign recently announced they are pouring another $2 million into Georgia’s special election, bringing its total spending to nearly $5 million. Democrats are hoping to capitalize on dissatisfaction with President Trump's capture of Republican districts. Ossoff is running a massive smear campaign, taking shots at all Republicans and Karen Handel is right in the crosshairs! Conservatives must fight back as this is a referendum on President Trump!
A record number of liberal celebrities making their presence known has made this race one for the ages. Jane Fonda and A-list celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson and Alyssa Milano are among several stars funding Ossoff. Jackson has asked Georgia voters to "stop Donald Trump!" The Democrats are using Jon Ossoff to cripple conservative momentum and dismantle the Trump Administration! Conservatives must fight back as this is a referendum on President Trump! With your support, Handel can defeat Ossoff!
Ossoff is also endorsed by the Congressman John Lewis and has recently earned the support of Bernie Sanders. An overabundance of funds has propelled Ossoff's campaign and Republicans are failing to keep up! Conservatives nationwide must come together in support of Karen Handel! Democrats are going ALL OUT and wish to notch a victory on President Trump! We cannot let Ossoff's smear campaign disrupt the conservative movement!
Karen Handel is the true freedom fighter who will take the fight to Washington! As the former Georgia Secretary of State, she stood up to the establishment and put the people first. Handle worked to fight voter fraud and significantly cracked down on the issuing of state IDs to illegal immigrants. Karen Handel is not afraid to speak her mind and is the devoted patriot we need representing America! 
If elected to Congress, Karen Handel will support building a wall on the border of Mexico and passionately work to pass an immigration policy that protects all citizens. She preaches the importance of balancing the budget and preserving the 2nd Amendment. With your support, Karen Handel can defeat Jon Ossoff! 

Will you help Karen Handel win the election? Please contribute $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or more, to support crucial voter outreach and advertising efforts to help elect Karen Handel!

Checks can be sent to:
Save the American Way1624 Market StreetSuite 202Denver, CO 80202

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